Professor Mabry O'Donnell with Students

Communications Studies

Communication Studies majors at Marietta College learn the theory and application of communication through classroom and co-curricular activities. Strong communication skills, using both verbal and nonverbal messages, assist students to become responsible citizens of the world, both socially and culturally, and help them develop their talents to the fullest extent.

Our small classes, dedicated faculty members, and strong academic advising join to provide an ideal undergraduate learning environment. Much time is devoted to analyzing audiences, developing arguments, and proving ideas as well as studying and practicing effective delivery methods.

By coupling classroom lectures, exercises, and readings with a variety of departmental activities such as internships and competing with Marietta's nationally recognized forensics program, students are well prepared for the challenges of the world of work.

Marietta College offers:

  • a BA in Communication Studies,
  • a BA in Organizational Communication/PR,
  • a minor in Communication Studies,
  • a minor in Organizational Communication/PR, and
  • a minor in Applied Communication.

These majors help prepare students for graduate school and careers while a minor in Communication Studies can provide a competitive edge for students with other academic interests.

Forensics Team welcomes all students to participate in individual speech events and debate. The award-winning forensics team hosts the Ruth A. Wilcox Forensics Tournament each fall and travels to other competitions throughout the year. (Faculty advisor: Dr. Mabry O’Donnell)