Specific Resources For Students With Disabilities

Print Resources

The Career Center focuses mainly on Web Resources for students, though if you prefer print material we recommend the following.


  • Career Success for People with Physical Disabilities, by Sharon F. Kissane
  • Computer and Web Resources for People with Disabilities, by The Alliance for Technology Access
  • Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities, by Dr. Daniel J. Ryan
  • Job Strategies for People with Disabilities, by Melanie Astaire Witt and Joyce Lain Kennedy
  • Keys to the Workplace: Skills and Support for People with Disabilities, by Michael J. Callahan and J. Bradley Garner
  • Learning a Living, by Dale S. Brown



Web Resources

  • American Association of People with Disabilities
    AAPD offers links to sites with information on finding jobs, career strategies, and networking.
  • JanWeb
    A free service of the Office of Disability Employment Policy, JanWeb is an international consulting service for people with disabilities. This is not a job-placement center, but rather an organization that offers career advice.
  • National Arts and Disability Center
    National Arts and Disability Center offers great networking opportunities world-wide!
  • Resources for the Disabled
    Skidmore College provides links to job listings, career guides, and other resources.
  • USAToday
    USAToday provides links to services, career resources, networks, and job-sites for people with disabilities.
  • WeMedia
    WeMedia guides to careers, education, money, and daily news. Click on "Careers."
  • Jist.com
    Jist.com offers links to career strategies, resources, job-search engines, and resources for financial planning and healthy life-style for people with disabilities.
  • University of Southern Mississippi Disabilities Resources
    USM Disabilities Resources provides links to resources, career tips, employment opportunities, publications, and job-search engines.
  • Employment Resources for People with Disabilities
    Provides employment information and job vacancies worldwide for people with disabilities. There is also information on companies that are currently hiring.
  • Hiring Students with Disabilities
    A guide for employers hiring students with disabilities.
  • Diability Resources
  • Disclosing Disabilities
    Northwestern University's Career Services tackles the issue "Deciding When, If, or How to Disclose Your Disability."
  • abilityjobs.com