Internship Testimonials

" Internships allow you to put all that you have learned in the classroom into practice while providing insight and experience that a classroom just cannot satisfy. It is so rewarding to be a part of the team within an organization and to make a difference to that organization & its mission. Throughout my internship experience, I was able to work autonomously on many projects. This allowed me a sense of purpose and pride and gave me the opportunity to use my strengths and develop new competencies. Internships also provide a great avenue for connections important you move to the next stage of your career after college. "
— Hope Supernault, Class of 2011, Organizational Communication major, Human Resources Management minor, Leadership Certificate Hope interned at Marietta Memorial Hospital in their Human Resources Department.

"My internships have been truly helpful by providing an early foray into the world of public accounting, allowing me to apply essential concepts, build relationships, and get the opportunity to partake in unique and interesting assignments. I would encourage all students to seek out internships. Despite the current economic situation, Marietta College has made it easy to take advantage of the numerous excellent positions available for students who demonstrate strong effort, persistence, and a resolve to succeed. "
— Cody Meglio 2011, triple major in Accounting, Finance and Economics. He was offered a job upon completion of his internship with Price Waterhouse Coopers.

" When I was first accepted into the Walt Disney World College Program, my excitement and expectations went through the roof! The experience was amazing, and the knowledge and skills that I gained from my internship far exceeded my initial expectations. I made dozens of contacts –some who work for Disney and a handful of very close friends from as far away as Colorado. The maturity that I gained from having an apartment, cooking, cleaning, taking classes, and working full time as a Vacation Planner was priceless. I had the opportunity to work at my dream job for a semester, away from home, away from school, and away from my normal life. I was in a whole new world, and I loved every minute of my College Program experience. "
— Dan Bratton, Class of 2011