freshman forward

Allow yourself time to transition to the new demands of college, but don’t get so involved in college that you forget that it’s only 4 years and goes quickly. Begin with the end in mind.

Questions to Ask
  • Why did I decide to attend college/this college?
  • How should I get involved here at college?
  • What major should I choose?
  • How can I learn more about my skills, interests & values and how they relate to the world of work?
Things to Consider

Things to do this year

  • Register with the Career Center by setting up your profile in College Central.
  • Make an appointment to meet with a career adviser.
  • Take the FOCUS career guidance activities and go over your profile with a career adviser.
  • Attend career center events and workshops and read the emails!

sophomore scramble

Sometimes you need to try out a variety of majors by exploring different courses offered in college. Discussing majors with department chairs is also helpful.

Questions to Ask
  • Am I ready to officially declare a major?
  • Have I begun to take advantage of campus activities & resources?
  • Am I getting to know myself and the occupational world better?
Things to Consider

Things to do this year

  • Start developing your résumé and collecting examples of your experiences for your portfolio.
  • Learn about the internship & job search resources available.
  • Begin thinking about obtaining a summer job or internship.
  • Participate in campus organizations & professional associations to learn more about your career interests.

junior jammin

Graduation is not so far away now! Make sure that you have taken advantage of an internship or career-related job. Begin thinking about your network.

Questions to Ask
  • How do I identify jobs/internships that coordinate with my major?
  • Is graduate school a good option for me right after undergrad?
Things to Consider

Things to do this year

  • Upload your résumé on College Central and practice the art of cover letter writing and interviewing.
  • Attend networking events such as career fairs.
  • If you’re going to apply to graduate school, meet with your faculty adviser and your career adviser in order to start researching what programs and tests will be required.

senior slam dunk

You should be a regular visitor to the Career Center now and be well-versed
with job search process & tools available.

Questions to Ask
  • Do I know how to market myself?
  • What exactly is the job search process?
  • Do I have a career plan and coordinated strategy?
Things to Consider

Things to do this year

  • Develop a job search plan.
  • Make sure you begin to organize and put together your portfolio.
  • Conduct a mock interview so that you feel more confident about interviewing.
  • Attend on and off campus recruiting events.