Networking Resources


Specific for Marietta College alumni only

Job Prospector:
Specific for networking in Ohio

Yahoo! Directory:
A directory of professional and business organizations

Internet Public Library’s Guide to Web Sites of Prominent Organizations & Associations:


  • According to info from NDSU Career Center Blog (12/6/2007) #1 business networking site with 15 million active users 4 million visitors each month and 35,000 new members daily
  • Average user is approximately 39 years old
  • Maintains an online résumé of each user

  • reaches 39% of all adults; 110 million active users; 61 million visitors each month and 270,000 new members daily
  • 66% of MySpace’s audience consists of people ages 25+


  • fastest growing demographic in the 25+ age group with 30 million active users
  • 17 million visitors each month 150,000 new members daily