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Conservation scientists develop strategies to help manage, improve, and protect the Earth’s resources. To devise these protec¬tive strategies, conservation scientists often collect samples of soil, water, and plants, as well as record data on plant and animal life. After they have analyzed the samples and data, these workers create a conservation plan. Their plan offers strategies for optimizing resources while minimizing damage to the surrounding environment.

The best opportunities should be in consulting services, as both governments and businesses increasingly rely on consultants for conservation work. Consulting firms are expected to hire additional conservation scientists in response to a growing demand for professionals to prepare environmental impact statements.

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Virtually every company of any size that operates a computer network (such as for company e-mail or a company intranet) has a designated network or cyber security expert. Titles may vary, but look for names like network security specialist, network administrator, information security technician, and so on. At larger companies, network or cyber security experts might work on a project by project basis and take a specific role in the development of new products, services and systems.

The role of the cyber security expert can take many forms, but it essentially boils down to protecting sensitive data and managing access to resources and networks. This might include protecting customer data, such as credit card numbers, or protecting employee data, such as health care records. It also might include preventing intrusions and criminal activity over the company’s networks.

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Brand managers plan, develop, and direct the marketing efforts for a particular brand or product. It is not uncommon for a brand manager to be responsible for coordinating activities of specialists in production, sales, advertising, promotion, research and development, marketing research, purchasing, distribution, package development, and finance.

The best brand managers focus on the results, have high levels of creativity, are very analytical, are good communicators and have entrepreneurial tendencies.

To be a brand manager one must have a strong foundation based on the core aspects of marketing. These core aspects are advertising, research, consumer behavior, and strategy. Additionally one must be analytically sound and begin preparation for this through courses in finance and accounting. For the most part applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree to become a brand manager, though an MBA is preferable.

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Through their knowledge of statistics, finance, and business, actuaries assess the risk of events occurring and help create policies for businesses and clients that minimize the cost of that risk. For this reason, actuaries are essential to the insurance industry.

Actuaries analyze data to estimate the probability and likely cost to the company of an event such as death, sickness, injury, disability, or loss of property. Actuaries also address financial matters, such as how a company should invest resources to maximize return on investments, or how an individual should invest in order to attain a certain retirement income level. Using their expertise in evaluating various types of risk, actuaries help design insurance policies, pension plans, and other financial strategies in a manner which will help ensure that the plans are maintained on a sound financial basis.

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Social scientists study all aspects of society—from past events and achievements to human behavior and relationships among groups. Their research provides insights into the different ways individuals, groups, and institutions make decisions, exercise power, and respond to change. They look at data in detail, such as studying the data they've collected, reanalyzing already existing data, analyzing historical records and documents, and interpreting the effect of location on culture and other aspects of society. Through their studies and analyses, social scientists offer insight into the physical, social, and cultural development of humans, as well as the links between human activity and the environment. Following are brief discussions of several major types of social scientists. Specialists in one field may find that their research overlaps work being conducted in another discipline.

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click to expandOperations Research Analysts

Operations research analysts formulate and apply mathematical modeling methods to develop and interpret information that assists management with policy formulation and other managerial functions. Using analytical techniques, operations research analysts help managers to make better decisions and solve problems. The procedures of operations research were first formalized by the military. They have been used in wartime to effectively deploy radar, search for enemy submarines, and get supplies to where they are most needed. In peacetime and in private enterprises, operations research is used in planning business ventures and analyzing options by using statistical analysis, data mining, simulation, computer modeling, linear programming, and other mathematical techniques.

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