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Sport management as an academic discipline has seen its inception and rapid development occur in the last 40 years. During that time curriculua have shifted from a basis in physical education to specific focuses rooted in business, economics and communications. As the sport industry has evolved into a global market-place, so too must the academic courses of the field to properly prepare students for the world of work. These opportunities range from community groups through all grades of school systems, into colleges and universities and reach professional sports. Recreation is now a serious business and requires management. Like wise, the increasing interest in health/wellness and the increased media surrounding professional sports is providing career and entrepreneurial opportunities for qualified graduates.

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Pictured at right, students from SMGT 334, Sport Facilities and Event Management, get ready with event organuizers at the RSVP/Glenwood 5k Run.

A degree in sport management will prepare graduates for jobs in seven main career fields:

  • Professional sport management
  • Event and facility Management Marketing
  • Fitness Management
  • Sporting Goods Management and Sales
  • Sports Media
  • Athletic Administration
  • Community recreation, voluntary organizations e.g.YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Thoughts from the Field

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I am loving the operation side of working in sports! I get to interact with fans on a daily basis and make sure the stadium is ready to go. My boss is a huge help, and she loves having me around. We have been doing a lot and I am learning such a different side of sports management. Daily operations are much more involved than I ever thought. A lot of stuff we learned from the Facility and Event Management class I use every day and sometimes I reference the book when I get home at night. This experience is more then I imagined!

Stephanie DeAngleis, Intern, Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

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