International Business

Lead faculty: Dr. Jacqueline Khorassani

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Students of international business will have the analytical tools, the language skills, and the international experience to live and work either for short or extended periods in overseas business environments. They will be comfortable in other cultures and effective as managers. A degree in International Business prepares students for the global marketplace. Here's your opportunity to study business from an international perspective through courses that include international financial management, international marketing, human resource management, and international economics. .

For students with English as their first language, the major currently is offered with a language concentration in Chinese, French, and Spanish. An alternative track is available for students for whom English is their second language. Course work in this track helps students perfect their English competence in oral and written business communications.

Many native English-speaking students do their study abroad in a country where their language of concentration is used, but others do not. Learning how to live, work, and thrive in an international setting is also a critical skill-set for someone entering a career in international business. Whether you will be on a two-week tour of six cities meeting clients or a two-year assignment in a foreign office, being able to handle new foods, new behaviors, unexpected travel snafus, and occasional bouts of the flu is crucial.

We encourage students to minor in a functional area in business such as accounting, human resource management, finance, or marketing so that a prospective employer can see which department will be your home base. Careers in business increasingly require someone able to handle overseas travel and assignments and work with others from various cultures, so this major with an appropriate minor is an excellent basis for a 21st century career in business.

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