Lead faculty: Dr. Greg Delemeester and Dr. Jackie Khorassani

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Economics is the study of choices and their resulting consequences. Limited natural resources in conflict with humanity's insatiable desires means difficult decisions must be made. Microeconomics examines those decisions at the individual household and firm level while macroeconomics studies how all of those individual decisions add up to influence society as a whole.

Economic issues surround our everyday lives. Economists use theory, mathematics and statistics to study many phenomena, including:

  • the price of gasoline & housing;
  • global warming & environmental degradation;
  • interest rates on student loans, car loans, credit cards, etc.;
  • unemployment and poverty;
  • the success of your favorite baseball team;
  • taxes, budget deficit, and national debt;
  • immigration and the job market;
  • gender differences in the job market.

An economics degree

  • is highly valued in the labor market,
  • offers a variety of occupation opportunities in the for-profit, not-for-profit and public sectors,
  • is highly valued by law schools and other graduate programs, and
  • illustrates an ability to critically think and problem solve.

Economics at Marietta

  • Dedicated faculty
  • Individual attention: students have a chance to work on a faculty supported economic research paper with publication possibilities
  • Major and minor
  • Diverse course offerings with research opportunities
  • Macro & Micro - student-led economic newsletter
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon - national honor society
  • The Economic Roundtable of the Ohio Valley brings nationally renowned speakers including:
    • Steve Forbes, CEO Forbes Inc.
    • Dr. Lawrence Klein, Nobel Laureate
    • Brian Moynihan, CEO Bank of America
    • Dr. James Tobin, Nobel Laureate

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