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Welcome to the new Marietta College website!

QuestionWhy are you changing the website?

AnswerThere are several reasons. Although the previous site contained a great deal of information, that information was not always presented in an easily accessible manner. In many cases navigation was inconsistent and unintuitive, and content was sometimes inaccurate or outdated. The overall result was a website that was adequate, but hardly excellent.

Additionally, many of the core pages of the previous website had been outsourced to a private content-management company in 2004, a common practice among higher education institutions at that time. This company designed and built the old site, and actually hosted a significant portion of the pages, for an annual fee. Unfortunately, this made Marietta College completely dependent upon that company for the maintenance of those web pages.

As the notion of "web standards" and "Web 2.0" functionality began to gain popularity in 2005, it became apparent that the table-based layout techniques used in the 2004 design of the Marietta website were swiftly becoming obsolete. In 2007, the college’s webmaster, Frank Diller, redesigned the home page at w3.marietta.edu utilizing a CSS-based technique with bits of JavaScript and PHP, and started incorporating more contemporary methods of website design in the creation of departmental web pages. It was also during this time that the College Relations department, under the leadership of Tom Perry and Graphic Designer Ryan Zundell ’93, crystallized the official Marietta College branding and style guidelines, and cemented the college’s visual identity.

In anticipation of Marietta College’s 175th Anniversary, the time seemed ripe for a change to the website to address these issues.

QuestionWho built this site?

AnswerThis site was built in-house, from the ground up, by the Web Services department of Marietta College, under the direction of webmaster Chris Craig, and in conjunction with the Departments of College Relations and Information Technology.

QuestionWho maintains this site?

AnswerThe Web Services department maintains the core pages and departmental pages which make up the majority of the Marietta College website. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. Please send them to the webmaster at webadmin@marietta.edu. The Athletics site is maintained by Sports Information Director Dan May. The Faculty pages are maintained by Greg Delemeester. The MyMarietta Campus Portal is maintained by the IT department. (see I have a question/comment/criticism about the new web portal below).

QuestionHow long did the redesign process take?

AnswerThe process started in June 2008 when Marietta Alumnus Chris Craig ’97 was hired to replace the recently departed Frank Diller as webmaster. Working with the College Relations department and under the guidance of a Web Steering Committee comprised of faculty, students and administrative members, Craig spearheaded the redesign effort.

In the research phase, students and alumni were surveyed for their opinions of the existing website, and what they thought could be improved. That research led to the creation of a set of priorities, and from those priorities wireframes and blueprints were created, outlining the elements of each page, and the overall navigational scheme and hierarchy of the site.

From the wireframes, Graphic Designer (and Marietta Alumnus) Ryan Zundell ’93 created the final look of the site, including the color scheme and the distinctive arch separating the masthead from the body content. Craig then adapted that design to a standards-compliant XHTML/CSS layout, incorporating JavaScript and PHP for added functionality and easier maintenance.

With the help of Web Services department student workers, the majority of content from the old site was migrated to the new design over the Spring and Summer of 2009.

QuestionWhat’s new in this design?

AnswerBesides reorganizing the existing content and overall architecture of the site, there are some new, never before seen sections in this latest version of w3.marietta.edu. One prominent aspect of the redesign is the inclusion of a Featured Story section at the top of the home page, and rotating through various sub-pages. College Relations will write about 4-8 stories monthly to provide visitors with features that communicate the "Marietta Story" to the College’s many audiences.

Another mandated element of the redesign was the addition of a site for the College’s 175th anniversary celebration, including an interactive timeline, biographies of all 16 presidents, weekly updates of historic photos, and news about celebratory events.

Also, Marietta College now has a web section specifically for incoming Freshmen and First-Year students. Visit the First Year website for helpful resources in choosing a major, finding your way around campus, and generally adjusting to life at Marietta.

QuestionSomething looks funny…is that right?
(Technical Stuff)

AnswerThis site was designed for viewing on monitors with a pixel resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater, and has been developed and tested in the following browsers on Mac, PC and Linux machines:

Firefox 2 and later (best on FF 3.5)
Internet Explorer 6 and later (best on IE 8)
Opera 9.5 and later
Safari 3 and later (best on Safari 4)
Google Chrome Beta

If you are viewing the site in a different browser or on an older version of one of the above, you may experience some oddities. Unfortunately, due to the various potential browser configurations it is impossible to design a site as feature-rich as this that will look the same for all users, but these are the browsers used by most modern viewers. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use the latest version of one of the above browsers.

If you are using one of the browsers above and are still having difficulties, try refreshing your browser (shortcut: hit "F5"). If that does not solve the problem, contact the webmaster at webadmin@marietta.edu.

Additionally, this site uses JavaScript in several ways to provide a better user experience. Visitors with JavaScript turned off will still be able to access all content, but some extras, such as RSS feed displays or the rotating Special Features on each page, will be unavailable.

QuestionWhy do some pages seem incomplete or inconsistent with others?

AnswerAlthough the newly-designed website is now "live", it is not "finished". In fact, due to the constantly changing nature of college life, as well as the nature of technology and the web itself, this website will always be a work-in-progress, changing and evolving as the college itself continues to grow and redefine itself.

Also, in defining the scope of the redesign project, it was decided that the first phase would focus solely on the “Core Pages” of the website, to be completed in August 2009. The second phase would address the navigational issues and visual identity conformance of the various departmental sites and satellite pages. As such, there are some sections (most departmental pages, Student Activities, Greek Life, Clubs, CUB, to name a few) that were outside the scope of the first redesign phase. These sections will eventually be incorporated into the new design.

However, if you have found a page that contains inaccurate or outdated information, please email the webmaster at webadmin@marietta.edu. Please include the URL of the page you’re referring to, as well as what needs to change.

QuestionWhy won’t my bookmarks work any more?

AnswerWhile all of the essential information provided on past versions of w3.marietta.edu has been retained in this redesign, significant edits and revisions have been made in the process to consolidate and streamline the presentation of content. Additionally, the website’s navigation and architecture was completely redesigned from the ground up. As such, many of the old pages became obsolete and redundant and thus, were eliminated. In some cases, the URLs for those pages will redirect you to the equivalent page in the new site. But in most cases, you will need to find what you are looking for on the new site and bookmark that page. To assist in this process, try utilizing the Navigational Features. If all else fails and you are unable to find what you seek, email the webmaster at webadmin@marietta.edu.

The new layout groups most content under five basic categories:

About Marietta: where you’ll find the college’s history and traditions, facts and statistics such as cost and enrollment numbers, mission and core values, directions, city and regional info, messages from the President, required disclosures, campus and city maps, people and departments, contact forms, and the campus News site.

Academics: where you’ll find information on the various degrees and programs offered by Marietta College, a schedule of course listings, the Records section where you can obtain Transcripts, Degree Audit Forms, etc., the Academic Calendar showing important upcoming dates and annual events, various Academic resources and honors.

Admission: where you’ll find everything you need to apply to Marietta, whether you’re in high school, a foreign country, another college, or retirement. This section also houses the very popular Financial Aid section, complete with scholarship, loan and grant information, application tips and forms, and advice on what to do when financial aid doesn’t cover everything.

Athletics: where you’ll find anything and everything pertaining to varsity and intramural sports, from scores and headlines to coaches and rosters. The Athletics site is maintained by Sports Information Director Dan May.

Life at Marietta: where you’ll learn about all the other things that make Marietta College one of the premier institutions of the Midwest. From essential information on housing, dining, and safety to helpful guides to parking, voting and paying your bills, you’ll find it in the Living On Campus section. Want to join a club or learn about Marietta’s fraternities and sororities? Check out the Student Activities section. Visit Fine Arts Events to keep abreast of the latest concerts, plays, art shows and more. Learn about Marietta’s commitment to diversity in the Multicultural Marietta section, or investigate your options for studying abroad in the International Programs section. Finally, the Career Center can help you plan for life after college, whether you’re an undergrad or a professional looking for a change.

In addition to these main sections, there are six areas of the website dedicated to specific audiences:

Prospective Students: intended to guide the first-time visitor to everything they’ll need in evaluating Marietta College as their potential Alma Mater.

Current Students: a launch pad for undergrads with links to the various sections they’ll most need to visit, such as the MyMarietta portal, where after logging in they can check their grades, bills, and college-provided email account.

Parents: including resources, frequently asked questions and transition tips for parents, updates on events, and information on the Marietta College Parent’s Association.

Alumni: featuring news for and about members of the Long Blue Line, as well as registration for events, reunions and Homecoming, services available for Alums, and much more.

Faculty/Staff: a collection of links for both current and prospective employees interested in learning more about life at Marietta. Includes Standing Ovation, an RSS feed of news specifically for and about Marietta faculty and staff, as well as many other resources.

Community: a page specifically outlining the many facilities, events and programs that Marietta College makes available to the community of Marietta, Ohio.

Navigational Features

From any of the "Core" pages, you can click on either the Marietta College logo or the Erwin Tower icon to return to the Home Page. Most department pages also have an Erwin Tower logo located somewhere near the top of the page to allow quick access back to the main Marietta home page.

Marietta Logo

Marietta Logo

Erwin Tower Logo

Erwin Tower Logo

Also, from August 2009 until July 2010, all core pages will feature the "175" logo, which will take you to the 175 site when clicked.

The Quicklinks are an easy way to jump directly to many of the most frequently visited areas of the site. Just click on the Quicklinks box to expand the drop-down list, type the first letter of the web section you wish to visit, and hit “Enter” when you’ve selected the desired destination.

Don’t see what you’re looking for in the Quicklinks? Try the Departments section, which contains links to all the Academic, Administrative, and Faculty department pages by section.

Or for a birds-eye view of how the site is organized, including how content falls under each section, use the Sitemap. And at any time you can see what section you’re in by viewing the breadcrumbs, located underneath the featured image on each page. Breadcrumbs are a standard best practice to give visitors an idea of where they are in the overall architecture of the website.

If you are looking for something specific, you might find it quicker to use the A-Z index, which lists and links to many of the most commonly sought items. And of course there is always the option to use the Search box, powered by Google.

Looking for a particular person? The People section features a a href="http://w3.marietta.edu/people/">Faculty and Staff A-Z where you can quickly find contact info for whomever you need to reach, as well as info on Marietta College’s Cabinet, Board of Trustees, and Alumni Association Board of Directors.

QuestionMy bio/contact info is incorrect

AnswerWe are currently in the process of updating faculty and staff bios in the people page, so there will be some out-of-date bios, photos and contact information in the short term, but we anticipate completing this area by September 2009.

If your name is not listed in the People A-Z, or if your info/bio/photo is incorrect, please email the webmaster at webadmin@marietta.edu. Be sure to include the URL of the page, and whatever changes you would like made.

QuestionWhere are the Employee/Faculty Forms?

AnswerEmployee forms are no longer publicly accessible on w3.marietta.edu. Marietta College employees can access all the forms previously available at w3.marietta.edu/employees by logging into the MyMarietta college portal at https://mymarietta.marietta.edu, clicking "Employees" in the upper-right navigation bar, and then clicking "Employee Forms and Documents" in the "My Bookmarks" section of the Employees view. Faculty forms formerly found on the Records page are located there as well.

QuestionMy department has printed materials with links to the old site…do I have to now get new materials printed?

AnswerIn transitioning to the new website, there are bound to be faculty and staff whose printed materials refer to links on the old site, links that will have changed. If you have been publicizing a web link via printed materials and you are concerned about that link becoming outdated, please contact the webmaster at webadmin@marietta.edu. For the duration of this transition period, Web services will do everything it can to reduce the need for reprinting due to obsolete links.

QuestionI want to promote my event/announcement/department/whatever by using a banner on the home page. How do I do that?

AnswerMembers of the Marietta College community have several options for event promotion, including the campus announcement system, and utilizing College Relations to write a news story and/or banner that can be added to the home page rotation. Please visit the Web Services page for our policy on creating banners upon request.

QuestionI need a website built for my department/student group/whatever. How do I make that happen?

AnswerPlease see the Web Services page for our policy on creating websites upon request.

QuestionI have a question/comment/criticism about the new email system

AnswerZimbra, the new email system, was launched for use by the Marietta College community on Aug. 3, 2009, by the IT department. Review the Zimbra page on the Technology Department website for a general overview of the email system and its features. Additionally, if you have any problems with the portal, please contact the help desk at ext. 4860.

QuestionI have a question/comment/criticism about the new web portal

AnswerMyMarietta is a Microsoft Sharepoint portal that launched on Aug. 3, 2009. This initial launch of the portal is a replication of current services provided by MyMC. The IT department will be in the process of continually adding, enhancing, and utilizing Sharepoint features in the myMarietta portal to enhance our online community. This enhancement process will start with the launch of several pilot team sites this Fall and Spring. Please check the MyMarietta Portal Help page for instructions and tips on how to get the most out of the new portal. Additionally, if you have any problems with the portal, please contact the help desk at ext. 4860.

QuestionI’m still confused! Somebody help me!

AnswerOne of the primary goals of this redesign was to make it easier for you, the viewer and user of w3.marietta.edu, to find what you’re looking for. But as with any major change, there are bound to be questions, and technical difficulties that will need to get straightened out. If you have tried all of the above Navigational Features and are still unable to find what you seek, please feel free to contact the webmaster at webadmin@marietta.edu. Also, so that you don’t have to remember that email address, there is a link to email the Webmaster at the bottom of every page.