Residency Requirement

As a private, residential, undergraduate College, Marietta College requires all students to reside in College-owned or College-related housing for eight (8) semesters, unless the student(s) meet one of the following exceptions:

  1. Live with Parent/Guardian. Students who are living exclusively in the permanent primary residence of parent(s)/guardian(s) within 35 driving miles of Marietta College.
  2. Lived on campus for eight semesters.
  3. Married, divorced, widowed or custodial parent (documentation required).
  4. Will be 23 years of age or older, prior to September 1 for that academic year.
  5. Possession of a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college (documentation required).
  6. Served and honorably discharged from the Armed Forces (documentation required).
  7. Medical or financial hardship (verification by a physician required).
  8. Is enrolled in nine (9) hours or less credit hours.
  9. Financial hardship (documentation required).

Students may request permission to live off-campus by filing a Petition for Off-Campus Residency(PDF) with the Dean of Students.

Students will be billed for room and board as residential students if this approved application is not on file in the Office of the Dean of Students.

A petition must be received by the Office of the Dean of Students by the last Monday in Februrary for the following academic year. Once students have checked into their residence hall for the academic year, they may not apply for off-campus residency for the same academic year.

New students who enroll for Fall or Spring semester must petition the Dean of Students 30 days prior to the beginning of a new semester.