Marietta College Implements Multi-Stream Recycling

Multi-stream Recycling Overview

Campus Locations

Parking area behind the Arts & Humanities House

Russell Hall

The new parking lot between Harrison and McCoy Halls

  • The dumpsters are divided into sections, and labeled to correspond with our three main recycling streams. It is asked that students take the time to place the appropriate items in the corresponding sections. It is very important to keep these items separated to avoid cross contamination. It is also important that beverage bottles be empty, and lids removed.

Student residence recycling

  • In room recycling receptacles have been provided by the Marietta College. Three centralized recycling dumpster locations have been provided for the emptying of these receptacles for all the resident halls.

The 3 Multi-stream Categories

1) Miscellaneous paper/Office paper

  • printed paper
  • copy paper
  • magazines
  • brochures
  • lightweight cardboard (as found as magazine inserts)
  • lightweight, glue bound publications

This does not include:

  • newspaper
  • bound books (any book spine thicker than your fingernail)
  • any food packaging that has been in direct contact with food
  • used paper plates and napkins

2) Newspaper, Cardboard/packing materials, and Bound books

  • keep cardboard boxes containing packing materials intact for easier transport of packaging materials to Marietta College's recycling staging location
  • break down empty boxes (no random crushing)
  • Bound books includes any publication with a spine thicker than your thumbnail, spiral bound notebooks, and three ring binders

Due to randomness, bulkiness, and other factors, it is not recommended that we at Marietta College attempt to supply a receptacle for this recycling stream, rather instruct through signage where to drop these items alongside other recycling receptacles for pick up. A general rule is, unless otherwise specified with instructions at drop point, any of these items may be dropped/stored alongside other recycling receptacles.

 3) Plastic/Aluminum, Bottles/Cans

  • empty containers only
  • remove bottle caps for post processing shipping


Trash Disposal

Placement of trash in the recycling dumpster does not only create unnecessary additional time, and labor, but can be, and most often is detrimental to otherwise recyclable surrounding materials. Please place trash in the provided trash dumpsters.
 It is important that we all understand what is, and is not recyclable in our program. If it doesn’t fit any of categories, then it is likely garbage. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask Jeffrey Theobald, Recycling Coordinator at 376-4493 or jat008@marietta.edu