Presidential Inauguration

Inaugurating a leader has only happened at this college 18 times. Witness a historic event as Marietta installs Dr. William N. Ruud.

It's a tradition that hearkens back to the first graduating class at Marietta College.

In 1838, as four men earned the first degrees conferred by the then-fledging institution, another man, ready to inspire the College's first steps, stood before a hopeful community. Though the Rev. Joel Harvey Linsley was tapped as Marietta's first President on March 6, 1835, it wasn't until the first graduation celebration that the Board of Trustees swore in the College's first president.

On Oct. 14, as various classes of alumni return to campus for the 2016 Homecoming Weekend, a united front of students, alumni, faculty, administrators, dignitaries and community members will stand behind a new leader when Dr. William N. Ruud formally takes his oath of office as the 19th President of Marietta College at 10a.m. in the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center.