Comments from Colleagues

Michael S. Roth, President, Wesleyan University

I congratulate Joseph Bruno on his appointment as president of Marietta College. Joe was enormously helpful to me during my first years as president, and his skillful leadership of academic affairs inspired confidence and trust among students, faculty, staff and alumni. Joe and Diane Bruno have been generous members of the Wesleyan community for 28 years, and we wish them well as they move on to Marietta.

Gil Skillman, Chair of the Faculty, Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics, Wesleyan University

Joe did a superb job as our provost and vice president of academic affairs, and I believe he is just the person to lead Marietta College forward. He combines a remarkably open and informal personal style with an ability to see, and advance, the institution's "big picture." I'll be sorry to see him leave Wesleyan, where he has been an esteemed and well-liked colleague and administrator (and for some of us, a former intramural softball teammate), but that is tempered by the realization that this is an important step forward for Joe and a fine match for a respected college in my home state.

Krishna Winston, former Dean of Humanities and Arts, Wesleyan University

Having served for three years as Wesleyan's Dean of the Arts and Humanities while Dr. Bruno was Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, I can attest that Marietta's search committee has made a brilliant choice! The breadth of Dr. Bruno's interests, the depth of his commitment to liberal-arts education, his intelligence, his integrity, his collegiality, his fairness, and his generosity of spirit earned him the respect and affection of the Wesleyan faculty. The entire Marietta community will come to know Dr. Bruno as a receptive and perceptive listener, a skilled administrator, a wise leader, and the very model of the lifelong learner.

Anna van der Burg, Registrar, Wesleyan University

I am so pleased to hear that Joe will become your 18th president. Your school could not do better. Joe is one of the best people I have had the pleasure of working with and for. Your College is very lucky to get such a skilled administrator but even more then that you will find that he is a wonderful colleague and a great friend. I am so happy for both Marietta College and for Joe. We here at Wesleyan will greatly miss him.

John Meerts, Vice President of Finance, Wesleyan University

Marietta College is very fortunate indeed to have Joe Bruno as its new president. Joe and I started in our new roles at Wesleyan at about the same time. He, of course, was provost and vice president for academic affairs and I was just one year longer in my role as VP for finance and administration. Together we weathered the fallout from the fiscal crisis and collaborated on implementing new budgetary strategies to deal with a reduced endowment. Joe was not only a great colleague to work with during those trying times but he and Diane became wonderful friends who I will miss dearly.

Barry Chernoff, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, Wesleyan University

Joe Bruno was the best Provost here at Wesleyan in over 20 years. He healed the morale of the faculty, increased productivity and brought a vision to Academic Affairs that created new avenues for learning and scholarship, particularly the Middle Eastern studies program and the College of the Environment.