Frequently Asked Questions

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QuestionWhat furniture does the College provide in my room?

AnswerYou and your roommate will each have a single size bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, a closet for each of you, window screens and window blinds.

QuestionWhat size are the beds?

AnswerAll mattresses are 39” by 80”. To ensure that your sheets fit properly, we recommend that you bring oversized twin sheets.

QuestionMay I bring extra furniture, carpet, etc.?

AnswerYes, you may bring extra furniture for your room; however, the original beds, bedsprings, wardrobes, chest of drawers and desks must remain in the room. Residence Life encourages the student and their roommate to get in contact and discuss who is to bring what to campus. Personal chairs and/or sofas are permitted if they do not constitute a fire or health hazard.

QuestionMay my student have a refrigerator, microwave, or other appliances?

AnswerStudents may have a microwave (650 watts max) and mini-refrigerator (3.2 cu. Ft. max). The following are not permitted: toasters, toaster ovens, personal grills (i.e. George Forman-type grills), hot plate-type cookers, crock pots, or any open-coil appliances. If you have questions on these guidelines please call the Office of Residence Life at (740) 376-4736.

QuestionWhat is the size of a typical student room?


Elsie Newton 16’ by 16’
Marietta Hall 16’ by 12’
Mary Beach 16’ by 15’
Russell Hall 16’ by 14’

QuestionWhere will I do laundry?

AnswerSeveral washers and dryers are located on one floor of each residence hall. The facility is open 24 hours a day. Laundry is free for washing and drying.

QuestionAre the residence halls air-conditioned? If not, may I bring a portable unit?

AnswerThe first year residence halls are not air-conditioned. Air conditioners are not permitted in the residence halls, unless you have a documented medical condition that necessitates an air conditioner. You must submit a request and medical documentation to the Office of Residence Life by August 1, 2010. Air conditioners are not permitted on the first floor of all residence halls. Installation of air conditioning will be done by Physical Plant staff.

QuestionIs there supervision in the residence halls?

AnswerA professionally trained Residence Hall Director supervises each residence hall.

QuestionWhat type of security exists in the residence halls?

AnswerEach first year residence hall has its own card-key access. Your child’s College ID, which they will receive during orientation, will be coded for their hall.

QuestionAre there substance free halls that prohibit alcohol, tobacco, etc.?

AnswerAll first year residence halls are substance free. In accordance with state and federal law, you are not permitted to drink alcohol until you reach the age of 21. Smoking is not permitted in any residence halls.

QuestionAre the halls coed? What is the policy on having overnight guests?


  • Marietta Hall is coed residence hall (alternating male/female by floor).
  • Russell Hall is coed residence hall alternating male/female by floor with the exception of the 1st floor which is coed by room. There are separate bathrooms on the 1st floor.
  • Mary Beach is a men’s residence hall.
  • Elsie Newton is a women’s residence hall.

You are permitted to have overnight guests Friday and Saturday nights when room is available (no more than two per room), but arrangements must be made in advance with the Residence Life staff. Guests must abide by the College standards and regulations, sign in, and get a Marietta College guest ID. This is available through the Office of Campus Police. No overnight guests may stay more than two nights consecutively unless approved in advance by the Residence Hall Director.


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QuestionIs there telephone service in my child’s room?

AnswerEffective Aug. 1, 2009, Telephone Service in Residence Halls will be available only on a subscription pay-per-year basis. If you do not subscribe to room telephone service, they will need to use a Courtesy Phone in the lobby or a personal cell phone for local and long distance calls. Each main hallway will have an Emergency Call Box.

QuestionHow does my child make long distance calls?

AnswerFrom any lobby phone, they can make a long-distance call by using a calling card. Popular gifts many parents like to give are the calling cards one can purchase at the College’s Bookstore, Sam’s Club, Kmart, Wal-Mart, etc.

QuestionHow should we address letters to our student?

AnswerLetters and packages should be addressed as follows:
Marietta College
Box #
Marietta, OH 45750


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QuestionIs my residence hall wired for computer access?

AnswerAll campus-owned housing units have both wired and wireless access to the Internet and to College systems such as the library, e-mail, and College web site. Marietta College has wireless access available in the library and several classrooms and labs. We encourage students to bring a laptop with a wireless Wi-Fi card. If a desktop computer is what you would prefer, there is no need for a wireless network card. To connect to the campus network services, we suggest your computer meet the following system requirements:

IBM Compatible (PC)
  • Pentium 4 or higher processor
  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi card (802.11bgn compatible) – WPA2 compatible

  • PPC, G3, or G4 processor.
  • MacOS 10.3 (or Higher)
  • Ethernet
  • Airport or Airport Extreme (802.11b or 802.11g compatible)

Note: The 802.11b/g card is NOT needed for a desktop computer.

They will also need a patch cable to connect their computer to the Ethernet connection in their room. The length of this will vary depending on where they plan to put their computer. These cables are available in the campus bookstore. If they plan to bringing their own, make sure that it is a standard patch cable and not a crossover or crossconnect cable. If you have questions on these requirements, please contact the IT Help Desk at 740-376-4860, or via email at

Note: The 802.11bgn compatible card is NOT needed for a desktop computer.
Note: The 802.11n is only available in the Library; ensure your card supports 802.11bg for residential wireless access.

You will also need a patch cable to connect your computer to the Ethernet connection in your room. The length of this will vary depending on where you plan to put your computer. These cables are available in the campus bookstore. If you plan to bring your own, make sure that is a standard patch cable and not a crossover or crossconnect cable. If you have questions on these requirements, please contact the IT Help Desk at (740) 376-4860, (855) 376-4860, or

QuestionWill I have my own College e-mail account?

Answer Yes, once our systems reflect the receipt of the Enrollment deposit, students may sign up for an account by clicking on the “New Account” link at the following website (Social Security Number and Student ID Number required, Student ID Number may be obtained from Admissions if not known):

This e-mail account is required for access to all networked systems at Marietta College. We encourage students to access various computer systems via the campus portal “myMarietta” located at: You are encouraged to check your Marietta College e-mail account regularly to keep up on campus news and events. Other information concerning technology at Marietta College may be found at:

QuestionCan I purchase a computer through Marietta College?

AnswerMarietta College does not offer any services for direct computer purchases for students. This is because most manufactures already offer such programs. If you are looking for software, educational versions of most programs can be ordered at the Marietta College Bookstore. For more information about computer purchases, consult the Technology Department.

QuestionIs the campus wired? What about the classrooms?

AnswerMarietta College has a number of multi-media classrooms that are wired to the Internet. These classrooms allow for the integration and application of technology into a learning environment. There are multiple computer labs that support instruction in areas such as the Academic Resource Center, art, biology, chemistry, computer science, education, geology, mass media, mathematics, modern foreign languages, music, petroleum engineering, physics, psychology, and theater.

QuestionDoes Marietta College require that my child have a computer?

AnswerNo, but most students do bring a computer. There are several open-access labs on campus that you may use to access software such as word-processing, presentation, spreadsheet, database, Web browsers and e-mail. Also, the Legacy Library has more than 100 computers available to patrons.

QuestionWhat about printing?

AnswerAll campus labs have printers available for printing. The Legacy library has three black and white printers and a color laser printer. Students are given a quota for printing. The quota is given as a dollar amount and may be used for printing to any of the campus lab and library printers. A new quota will be allocated each semester and not carried forward. Once the quota is depleted a student must deposit money into a vending account on their campus ID card in order to perform additional printing ( For more information about printing on campus, please visit:

QuestionWhat else should I know about campus technology?

AnswerAll Marietta College students and personnel are required to read and abide by the Network Use Policy found at:

In July 2009, the college cabinet approved the Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy to comply with the Federal Law – H.R. 4137, Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) – to detect and punish users who illegally distribute copyrighted materials. This policy may be reviewed at:

More information may be found at:


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QuestionHow many clubs and organizations are on campus?

AnswerWe have more than 80 active clubs and organizations on campus. They include academic/professional clubs, community service organizations, honor societies, governing bodies, media/publications, religious offerings, sports/recreational clubs, Greek organizations, and a variety of multicultural and special interest groups such as the Charles Sumner Harrison Organization, Japanese Animation Club, Recycling Club and many more.

QuestionWhy should I get involved? How do I get involved on campus?

AnswerGetting involved is a great way to meet dynamic people, explore new opportunities, make a difference in your community, build your resume, manage stress, develop leadership skills, and learn to organize your time. Getting involved at Marietta College is easy! There are lots of ways to get involved…pick up a copy of the Student Organization Registry from the Student Life Office, talk to other students, look for announcements on bulletin boards, e-mail, MyMarietta announcements or talk with your academic advisor.

The best way to learn about the involvement opportunities available at Marietta College is to visit Club MC, which takes place the first Thursday of the fall semester. This Marietta College tradition includes campus and community organization tables with give-a-ways, demonstrations, and informational materials. You will not want to miss this exciting evening of entertainment and information. If you cannot find what you are looking for already on campus you can start your own organization. New student organizations are formed throughout the year and the Student Activities and Greek Life staff will provide you with the guidance and materials needed to start a new organization at Marietta College.

QuestionDo you have fraternities and sororities on campus?

AnswerMarietta College currently has three fraternities and three sororities that are active on campus. The fraternities are Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Tau Delta, and Lambda Chi Alpha. The sororities are Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omega, and Sigma Kappa. Joining a Greek organization can help personalize your college experience by providing the opportunity to develop important leadership skills, to interact with faculty and staff, to give back to the community though service projects, and to develop lasting friendships.

As a first semester freshman you may join a fraternity or sorority. If you are interested in getting involved in a fraternity or sorority, recruitment is a time for interested students to take a closer look at Greek Life at Marietta College. You will meet members as well as learn about the different activities and programs of each group. Recruitment activities and events are announced campus-wide and take place in September.

QuestionWhat is Student Senate? How do I get involved in Student Senate?

AnswerThe Marietta College Student Senate serves as the governing body of Marietta College. Student Senate exists to provide capable, representative, and responsible leadership in student life and activities. They provide a legitimate channel through which the views of the student body may be represented to the other segments of the College community. The Marietta College Student Senate is composed of both elected and appointed positions including President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Class Representatives and Commissions. Student Senate is advised by one faculty and one administrative advisor. Members of the Student Senate participate in one of four Student Senate committees, which include Campus Concerns, Senior Week, Constitution & By-Laws and Communications. In addition, Student Senate members sit on campus committees including Academic Standards, Curriculum, Marketing, Administrative Operations, Campus Life and Athletics, Enrollment, and Planning.

Students who want to get involved with Senate can stop by the Student Senate Office in Andrews Hall Room 112 or go to Elections for freshman class representatives will be held early in the fall semester so look for announcements.

QuestionWhat kind of activities does the College sponsor?

AnswerOur student-run programming board, the College Union Board (CUB), sponsors a variety of activities and programs for the Marietta College community. Events include a coffee house music series, comedy series, day trips, movies, hypnotists, concerts, dance parties, and a tournament series. Some of CUB’s most popular events include Welcome Back Bash, Homecoming Week, Family Weekend, Little Sibs Weekend, and Doo Dah Day.

In addition, on any given weekend you will find a variety of events sponsored by the College and student organizations. Typical activities include intramural tournaments, intercollegiate athletic contests, formal dances, musical performances, international programs, theater productions, and community service events. Friday Night Fever takes place every Friday night and offers a variety of programs, free food and slushies and a good time. You can also enjoy Late Night Marietta, which occurs on select Saturday nights where you can enjoy free bowling downtown at Pastime Lanes. Other Late Night Marietta events might include mentalists, laser tag, reggae parties and beach parties. The College also sponsors the Esbenshade Series, a cultural arts program, and Point of View Speaker Series that offers programs throughout the year. You will also find programs which celebrate diversity on campus these include performances during Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Women’s History Month. Additional programs include Chinese New Year Celebration, and the Fall Fashion Show.

QuestionWhere can I go on campus to hang out with my friends and relax?

AnswerIf you are looking for somewhere to relax on campus and hang out with your friends and need a break from your residence hall room, check out The Gathering Place. The Gathering Place offers a variety of activities including billiards, darts, ping-pong, and a large screen television to enjoy playing the Xbox 360 and the variety of games available. You will also find a number of student organization programs taking place throughout the week and many late night weekend programs that are held at The Gathering Place. Free Pepsi products and popcorn are provided during normal operating hours. You can also feed your late-night cravings with The Gathering Place’s new menu. We accept cash and you can also use your Student ID to access your student account to purchase food.

The Upper Gilman café offers a relaxing atmosphere to catch a quick bite to eat at Gilman Express or meet up with friends between classes. The Café areas include a variety of seating options to view the two flat screen televisions. The Café is wireless and there are two computer stations available for checking e-mail.

Izzy’s is another location at which you and your friends can hang out, enjoy some food as well as take in the occasional program. Come out to Izzy’s Coffee House every other Tuesday night at 9:00pm for live music.

QuestionWhat about your intramural/recreational program?

AnswerThe Intramural and Recreational Sports Program at Marietta College gives your child the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of sports and recreational activities while competing at various levels and having fun. The Intramural and Recreational Sports department/office within the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center (DBRC) organizes and provides an extensive Intramural program that includes: flag football, dodge ball, kickball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, racquetball, wallyball, golf, tennis, whiffleball, bowling, as well as many other activities and special events during the academic year.

Each Intramural team is represented by a team captain who serves as the liaison with the Intramural and Recreational Sports staff. Intramural and Recreational Sports information is posted on the Recreational Board located in the main concourse of the DBRC as well in the office of Intramural and Recreational Sports, Room 111. In addition to the Intramural Program, Marietta College has offered the following Club Sports programs: Lacrosse, Swimming, Martial Arts, Ultimate Frisbee, Cheerleading, and Dance Team. The Recreation Program also offers a variety of wellness and activity classes throughout the year that include: yoga, step aerobics, kickboxing, strength training, personal fitness, and meditation. The DBRC also provides for a variety of lifetime wellness and leisure activities that allow for the use of a running/walking track, a Nautilus/Universal fitness center and weight room, racquetball courts, and other fitness exercise facilities. All of these recreational opportunities are designed to promote a positive mental and social attitude for the entire campus community.

Opened in the Spring of 2003, the DBRC contains Ban Johnson arena as well as an 84,000 square-foot Field House. The facilities include: Fenton Court for varsity athletic events, 1/8-mile, six-lane running and walking track, four regulation size multi-purpose activity courts, two regulation size racquetball courts, a state-of-the-art weight room and fitness center with cardiovascular machines and cardio wall, 35-foot high Rock Wall, Multi-Purpose Room, student, faculty, and staff locker rooms, as well as vending machines and casual lounge areas for relaxation. The Marietta College Department of Sports Medicine is also located in the DBRC, at the south end of the facility just off of Butler Street.

The facilities within the DBRC are used for instructional and programming purposes under the direction and guidance of the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation. Additionally, the performance areas and arena are used for College varsity sport teams and general recreation and fitness activities. The DBRC has been designed primarily to meet the athletic, recreational, and educational needs of the students, faculty, and staff of Marietta College.


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QuestionDo you have a health center?

AnswerYes. Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness (CHW) is an integrated wellness center offering services in three areas: Health Services, Counseling & Psychological Services and Sexual Assault Prevention. The facility is located in Harrison Hall. The Center is staffed by qualified health care providers including nurses, nurse practitioner and a medical doctor.

QuestionWhat services are provided?

AnswerThe Center for Health and Wellness offers a wide variety of medical services, including (but not limited to) diagnosis and treatment of such problems as colds, flu, upper respiratory infections, laboratory services, injection therapy, pharmaceuticals, nutrition counseling and health education. Students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis, with those students requiring more urgent care seen first.

QuestionDo I need to provide you with my student’s medical history?

AnswerA medical health record is required for of all students. The record includes a complete medical history, immunization record and physical examination (not required but strongly recommended) by your family physician. At the time of your deposit a “Welcome Packet” will be sent to you which will include the medical health record.

QuestionShould my son/daughter get vaccinated for Meningitis and Hepatitis B?

AnswerIt is ultimately your decision, however current state law requires that campuses ask students to disclose whether they have been vaccinated or not. At the moment there is a bill pending that would require Ohio colleges, both public and private, to exclude students from living in college owned housing unless they have been vaccinated. Our advice IS to be vaccinated. Information and the form for complying is included in the "Welcome Packet" sent to all deposited students.

QuestionWhat about health insurance? Is it required? Does the College have a policy? If so, how much is it?

AnswerYou are required to have health insurance coverage while attending Marietta College. Most students are covered through their parents’ policy. Marietta College also makes available a student health insurance policy. This coverage is an excess policy and is not intended as primary coverage unless you have no other health insurance. It is highly recommended that if you plan on participating in a varsity sport while at the College, you purchase the additional student insurance plan. The coverage is for 12 months with an annual cost of approximately $185.

QuestionIs there an infirmary as part of the Health Center?

AnswerNo. The Center for Health and Wellness operates as an outpatient facility and thus has no infirmary space. If your child requires hospitalization, they will be referred to one of the local hospitals. There are two hospitals within 5 minutes of campus.

QuestionWill we be notified if my student is sick or ill?

AnswerUnder normal circumstances, students are expected to keep family members informed of their illnesses. However, the Office of Student Life will notify the family in the event of serious illness or accident that requires extensive treatment or hospitalization.

QuestionDo you transport ill students to local hospitals?

AnswerTransportation has been arranged with a local taxi company to transport students to local medical services for routine matters. Students needing this service can pick up a voucher from their Residence Hall Director, College Police or Health Center which will cover the cost. For emergencies and serious medical issues transportation is done by calling for an ambulance.

QuestionWhat are the area hospitals?

AnswerThere are two hospitals in Marietta: Marietta Memorial Hospital and Selby General Hospital. Nearby in Parkersburg, W.Va., has St. Joseph’s and Camden-Clark hospitals.

Visit the Center for Health & Wellness website for more details.


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QuestionHow will outside scholarship(s) be handled?

AnswerYour student will be given the full benefit of an outside scholarship in nearly all cases. These scholarships do not reduce the amount of Marietta College grants or scholarships. It is possible a loan or College work-study would need to be reduced because of an outside scholarship, in which case you would not need to borrow or work as much. The only exceptions that warrant a review of Marietta awards are when the outside scholarship is in excess of $7,500 and renewable for multiple years or other state or federal grant aid would have to be reduced.

QuestionWhen will my child receive my financial aid award for next year?

AnswerThe financial aid award will be mailed to them early June if them returned the Renewal FAFSA and the Marietta College Financial Aid Form by March 1. You will need to apply for financial aid every year. A Renewal FAFSA will be available to you after Jan. 1. Be sure to keep track of your PIN numbers if you filed electronically.

QuestionWhat if I decide I want to get a job on or off campus?

AnswerThe Office of Student Employment, located on the top floor of Irvine, provides information for on-campus and the Career Center maintains a list of off-campus employment opportunities throughout the year. To learn more, stop by their offices.

QuestionDo you have a tuition payment plan?

AnswerWe offer three payment plans to choose from:
Semester Payment Plan — This calls for one payment for each semester. The fall semester is due on August 2 and the spring semester is due January 3.
Monthly Payment Plan —This is offered through Tuition Management System. This plan allows you to spread your payments equally over a ten-month period with the first payment due July 1. As long as payments are current, the only fee for this plan is a $60 enrollment fee. The enrollment fee also provides for life insurance for the payer in the amount of contract balance.
Deferred Payment Plan —This is offered directly though Marietta College and spreads each semester over three payments. The first payment is due August 2. Another payment will be due September 30 with the final payment for the semester due October 29. There is a monthly charge of 1.5 percent on any unpaid balance. Because of this interest charge, most families find it more economical to enroll in the Monthly Payment option offered through the Tuition Management System.

QuestionWhen will I receive a bill for each semester?

AnswerFall ebills are available online around the first week in July; spring bills are available online around the first week of December. Current statements on your account are available approximately 7-10 days after the end of each month. Current account information is available in the eBill system to the students and any Authorized Users they set-up online through the eBill System. eBill can be accesses via the links on the Student Accounts Website. Please visit the site to grant parents or other access to your account by setting them up as “authorized users.”

QuestionIs there a bank on campus? What about an ATM machine?

AnswerThere is an ATM machine located on campus at the Gathering Place. Marietta has several banks within a five-minute walk of campus.

QuestionIs it wise to open a local checking or savings account?

AnswerMany students like the convenience of local accounts for doing local shopping, but it is not required. You can cash personal checks for up to $50 a day at the campus Cashier’s office. Students who work on campus are paid by direct deposit to their checking or savings account. If a student does not have a checking or savings account they can open a free account at a local bank.

QuestionHow much money should I budget for books per semester?

AnswerBook costs will depend on how many courses you take, as well as the individual course requirements. A good estimate is between $300 and $400 per semester.

QuestionWhat does the student activity fee cover?

AnswerThe student activity fee provides funding for student organizations, campus-wide student events, and use of the DBRC.


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QuestionWill we receive our child’s grades?

AnswerMarietta College abides by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which governs how we handle student records. With this in mind, semester grades are mailed to students at their home address. The expectation is that they will share them with their parents. However, records may be released to parents or legal guardians with a student’s permission. For this to happen, they must sign a waiver form. This form will be available during the summer Enrollment Days program. For more information on FERPA, see Parents' Guide to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Rights Regarding Children’s Education Records and FERPA General Guidance for Parents.

QuestionWill we know about any discipline situations?

AnswerUnder our Parental Notification policy, parents of dependent students will be notified about behavioral problems upon serious violation of the College creed or College Housing Policy. Your parents will be notified immediately if you are at risk of being removed from College Housing or from the College. The Vice President for Student Life and his/her designee reserves the right to notify parents at any time when in the best interest of the student.

QuestionWhat is the best way to keep informed about goings-on at the College?

AnswerThe best source of information is the Marietta College home page, which can be accessed at, and the News page, viewed at


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QuestionAre counseling/mental health service available at the college?

AnswerShort-term intervention, up to ten sessions, is available to all full-time students at no charge. If a student needs long-term intervention or requires services not offered at the college, the staff will refer the student to an appropriate provider.

QuestionWho are the mental health services providers for the college?

AnswerMental health service providers at Marietta College are licensed professionals. Services may be provided by a clinical psychologist, professional clinical counselor, or a professional counselor.

QuestionHow do I make an appointment to see a staff professional?

AnswerStudents can either call (740) 376-4477 or stop by Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness schedule an appointment with a professional. Office hours are Monday-Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The staff will see students at other times when necessary.

QuestionWill students be billed for services provided by the Department for Counseling and Psychological Services staff?

AnswerCurrently enrolled full-time students of Marietta College are provided free mental health services for up to ten sessions.

QuestionWill students have to pay for any mental health services received while enrolled at Marietta College?

AnswerStudents may be billed for mental health services provided by practitioners not employed by the College.

QuestionAre professional communications between student and staff confidential?

AnswerThe staff adheres to state and federal standards protecting the privacy, confidentiality, and/or privilege of information exchanged between practitioner and client. If a student’s behavior is considered to pose an immediate threat of harm to that person or some other known person; information about the student may be shared to the extent required to protect the student and others without the student’s consent.

QuestionHow do I arrange for mental health medication prescription refills or evaluation for a new mental health prescription?

AnswerA student with an existing psychiatric prescription or desiring an evaluation to determine if such a prescription is needed should make an appointment with a staff practitioner. The practitioner will help the student schedule a medical/psychiatric evaluation. In most cases, students are not charged for initial psychiatric evaluations arranged with the help of college mental health professionals.

QuestionWhat if a student requires inpatient mental health treatment?

AnswerStudents desiring inpatient psychiatric treatment should contact the Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness(740) 376-4477 for a referral for routine evaluation for inpatient treatment. In the case of a mental health emergency, students may go directly to the Emergency Room at Marietta Memorial Hospital (401 Matthew Street, Marietta, OH 45750, (740) 374-1400; ), where they will b evaluated for psychiatric admission at the nearest available inpatient facility. Marietta Memorial Hospital does not provide inpatient psychiatric treatment. If a mental health crisis which may require inpatient treatment occurs during regular office hours, students may contact the Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness for assistance with admission.

QuestionAre accommodations provided to students with a mental health disability?

AnswerStudents with a properly documented mental health disability may receive academic accommodations through the college’s Disability Specialist ((740) 376-4467) upon request. Questions regarding required documentation for accommodations may be directed to the Disability Specialist or the Academic Resource Center ((740) 376-4700).


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QuestionWhat services does the Career Center offer?

AnswerThe Career Center helps prepare students for successful futures by providing career advising; access to experiential education; state–of–the–art job search and graduate school resources and programs; and the necessary tools to transition from Marietta College to the world of work. Students from all class years and majors are encouraged to visit the Center for individual advising. They can also take advantage of the variety of career workshops and events throughout the year such as: "Wine, Dine & How To Act Fine" (an etiquette workshop) and "Preparing for Graduate School". The Center maintains a database of employment and internship opportunities that can be accessed by students and alumni free of charge 24/7 through College Central ( Through résumé referrals, alumni mentoring, company information sessions and campus interviews, the Center facilitates connections to employers throughout the region and beyond.

QuestionWhen should I visit the Career Center to begin planning my career?



QuestionAm I allowed to utilize the Career Center services once I graduate?



QuestionHow do I make an appointment?

AnswerContact the Career Center, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., by phone at 376-4645 or e-mail The Career Center is open year-round.


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QuestionDoes Marietta College have any kind of academic support services?

AnswerYes. There are several services that exist to help students succeed academically. The primary offices that offer academic assistance are the Academic Resource Center, which also houses the services for students with disabilities, and the Campus Writing Center.


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QuestionHow safe is the campus?

AnswerMarietta is a small community and a closed campus. Our students feel very safe, even at night. In addition, the Marietta College Police makes available information on Campus Crime Statistics.

QuestionDo you provide escort services?

AnswerEscort services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year around the campus. If you would like an escort, telephone our office at (740) 376-4611, and a member of the Marietta College Police staff will gladly provide you an escort. In addition, there are emergency telephones located on campus, so if you decide you would like an escort while you are walking, you can call for one.

QuestionWhat happens if my student gets in trouble, either on campus or off?

AnswerThis is a complex question to answer. If you get into trouble off campus, the law enforcement agency that you dealt with will handle any criminal charges that may be filed against you. Additionally, if you get in trouble off campus you may have a Pioneer Pledge or Code of Conduct charge placed against you. On campus, if you are violating Federal, State or City laws or violations of the Pioneer Pledge or Code of Conduct, the Marietta College Police will handle the complaints. Generally, the Marietta College Police strive to handle minor violations of criminal law through the campus disciplinary process but, in addition, you may face criminal charges through the court system. For violations of the Pioneer Pledge or Code of Conduct we will issue you a citation for the violation or infraction and turn the information over to the Dean of Students to handle the judicial proceedings. However, for a violation of Federal, State or City law, you may face criminal charges and be arrested or issued a summons to appear in court by a Marietta College Police Officers for the violation. It is a case-by-case procedure. On campus or off, Marietta College expects you to act as an adult and take full responsibility for your actions.

QuestionMay freshmen have a car on campus? Does it have to be registered? What about a parking permit? How much does it cost?

Answerreshmen wishing to bring a car to campus will be limited to those who require a car for one of the following reasons; commuter student, academics, medical, or work off campus. In order to have your request considered students must complete the "Freshmen Permit Request Form" and return it to the Marietta College Police Department. Freshman parking is limited and restricted to specific areas on campus. Parking for freshman who do not meet the other requirements, may for an additional fee, purchase a space located at Don Drumm Stadium. These spaces for freshman are limited as well. Once all available permits have been issued the Police Department maintains the waiting list and fills vacancies as they arise. All registered cars must display a current, valid Marietta College parking permit in the location described in our Parking and Traffic Regulations brochure, which you will receive either at Enrollment Days or when you arrive on campus in the fall. Once approved by the Police Department your permit may be purchased by going on-line to and follow the easy to read directions.

QuestionWill you provide transportation to the airport?

AnswerYes. Transportation to the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport is free while transportation to either Port Columbus or Akron-Canton airports is available for a fee. For a ride to the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport, please notify us as soon as possible. For shuttle to either Port Columbus or Akron-Canton airports, we require a five-business day notice. Emergencies will be handled as best as possible.


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QuestionWhat is Matriculation? Am I invited?

AnswerMatriculation is a traditional ceremony which signifies the formal enrollment of a student at Marietta College. Families are encouraged to attend this milestone in their student’s college career. During Matriculation, students and their families are formally welcomed to the campus community and students sign the Marietta College Enrollment Book, another tradition at Marietta College.