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Welcome Pioneer Parents

When our daughter Lisa went off to college, she became part of her college community – and so did we. Lisa acquired skills that continue to benefit her in every aspect of life. As parents, we fell in love with all that Lisa’s college had to offer and decided to become more engaged by volunteering to help with certain activities and to chair her alma mater’s Parents Fund.

When students apply to Marietta College, they become a part of our community – and so do you, their parents and families. During the past few years Marietta, like other colleges throughout the United States, has seen an increase in parental involvement in the lives of students. Often motivated by the investment they are making in their child’s education, this generation of parents has been very active with their children in elementary, middle and high school and many are not yet ready to step back. In many cases it’s not just the parents; students want their parents involved as well. And, so do we!

Recognizing this growing phenomenon, we understand that it is important for the College to view parents and family members as partners. We hope you will join other families at regional and campus events like Family Weekend (which is held in September each year). You can also volunteer your time and talent in capacities that benefit the campus life experience. We also encourage you to support the College through The Marietta Fund,which supports our students through operational, academic and extracurricular funding.

The goal of this website is to keep you informed and serve as a resource for you.

In closing, thank you for the faith and trust you put in all of us at Marietta College. We pledge to do everything we can to help your daughter or son become a well-educated, well-rounded, civic-minded individual prepared to take a responsible position in the rapidly changing world and, at the same time, develop a full, enriching personal life.

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you during the time your son or daughter is a student.

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Joe and Diane Bruno