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Faculty led trips

IAG and the Office of Education Abroad have created materials to help faculty members interested in developing and leading a study tour internationally. The following resources are intended to serve as guidance for you in understanding the process for leading a study tour and to ensure that all aspects of the planning process are completed. Additional information can be found on the IAG website and in the Manual for Faculty Trip Leaders of International Study Tours.

Getting started

Faculty leaders have flexibility regarding the timing, location and amount of time the international component is integrated into the academic course. Courses taught entirely in-country usually occur in the summer. Courses taught during the semester can either incorporate their travel component into the middle of the course (such as spring break) or complete the course overseas at the end of the term. Start times for courses where travel concludes at the end of the semester vary based on contact hour requirements and departmental approval. Information on itineraries, academic design and curricular approval can be found in the Manual for Faculty Trip Leaders of International Study Tours.

Role of Leader

The role of the faculty leader for an international short-term study tour is extensive. To learn more about the various duties and responsibilities for leading a study tour please see the Responsibilities for the Primary Leader document.


Faculty receive a salary for teaching the international study tour course if it is not part of their regular semester teaching load, and will also have all travel expenses covered. Travel expenses are incurred by the student and should be built into the budget properly. Additionally, there is an administrative stipend for program planning, though the leader may forgo all or part of this stipend in order to lower participant fees with approval from the Provost. Faculty leaders who utilize a third party provider for program logistics may not qualify for administrative stipends.

The second responsible adult will have his/her travel expenses covered as a cost incurred by the student. Additional teaching compensation is to be decided between the primary faculty leader and the Provost. According to the Off-Campus Compensation Policy Form each off-campus study program must generate sufficient revenues to cover all expenses of the trip. If the off-campus study earns undergraduate credit hours for participants, participants must pay prevailing Continuing Education tuition and fees and, if applicable, room and/or board. Graduate level participants pay prevailing graduate tuition rates and, if applicable, room and/or board. Participants who do not earn credit hours must pay amounts sufficient to cover the apportioned stipend of trip leaders.

Academic Overview

Design of the study tour needs to take into account the time, length and location of your travel. When designing the academic components of the study tour it is important to consider the existing policies and preapproval requirements.

Please see the Curriculum Committee webpage for forms, procedures and deadlines regarding experimental courses and courses that seek a general education designation.

IAG has created two documents regarding potential outcomes for an international study tour, as well as quality standards for before, during and after the international travel component. For additional information please refer to the Manual for Faculty Trip Leaders of International Study Tours.

Travel Documents


Students and leaders will require a passport for all international study tour participation. It is recommended that each student carry a copy of their passport (in a separate place from their passport) while abroad. Detailed information and applications for U.S. Passports can be found at:


The U.S. State department has issued a new program and website for travelers to learn more about their possible destination.

An example of this can be found here: Note that it provides information on vaccinations, passport and visa requirements to travel to this destination.

PLEASE NOTE that this information is for U.S. Citizens ONLY! Faculty leaders who have international student participants should contact the Office of Education Abroad if they have questions about visa regulations for non-U.S. citizens. In many cases international students will require a tourist visa to travel to locations where U.S. citizens are exempt from visas. It is important to have the student and leader understand the processing timeline, cost and process before a deposit is put down for the program.