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  3. Global Perspective and Diversity
  4. World of Work
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International Objectives and Strategies in the Extended Strategic Plan 2004-2010

Goal 1, Objective B: Enhance the diversity of the incoming freshman class ... Increase enrollment of international students from 5% (currently) to 7% by 2010.

  • Strategy 4: Assess annually the need for resources to provide support for students of color and international students. (Cabinet)

Goal 3, Objective C: Strengthen those programs that are most likely to attract outstanding students through their quality and distinctiveness.


  • Strategy 3: Enhance the international aspect of the McDonough Center by developing firm academic relationships with at least five foreign universities by 2010. These universities will provide study abroad and exchange opportunities for students and faculty. (Dean of the McDonough Center, Director of International Programs, 2007)
  • Strategy 7: (fundraising), including $1 million for international education initiatives...(Dean of the McDonough Center, Grants Officer, VP for Advancement 2004-05 and ongoing)
  • Benchmarks: Have 30 students participate in leadership study abroad programs annually.

Goal 3, Objective E: Strengthen the College's emphasis on international study and diversity.

  • Strategy 1: Strengthen area studies programs, especially Asian Studies and Latin American Studies (Provost, Faculty, 2005 and ongoing)
  • Strategy 2: Expand study abroad programs, providing at least 5 for credit short courses abroad annually by 2010 and seek endowment of $1.5 million to support study abroad (Provost, Faculty, Director of Study Abroad)
  • Strategy 4: Develop a living/learning community comprised of [sic] US minority students, international students, and others with three courses taught around themes of international/ multicultural concern: "Come to Marietta and experience the world" (approximately $500,000 endowment) (Provost, Dean of Students, Faculty, VP for Advancement, Grants Officer by 2008)
  • Strategy 5: Constantly seek ways to increase sensitivity to diverse backgrounds of students, faculty, and staff by holding annual conversations and, as needed, charging task forces to develop new initiatives. The goal is to make Marietta College a welcoming place for all (President and Provost, ongoing)
  • Strategy 6: Emphasize the focus on internationalization and diversity by maintaining and developing courses that meet the general education requirements in Global Issues and Diversity (Provost and Faculty, ongoing)

Goal 7, Objective A: Develop at Marietta College a community that meets Ernest Boyer's description of the college community as "purposeful, open, just, disciplined, caring, and celebrative."

  • Strategy 4: Work with campus constituencies to produce a plan to celebrate our diversity"national and international"and to educate our students about the power of learning from others from different backgrounds (Dean of Students, Provost, Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs, International Student Coordinator, Diversity Committee, ongoing)