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Graduate Student Grant Program

The graduate student grant program is designed to foster a sense of learning and commitment between students and a community of scholars. Grants (typically $500 maximum per student per project) enable students to attend, present or display their projects at state, regional or national conference (s) in an academic field or to defray costs for research.

The Graduate Council reviews all applications. Students presenting at conferences will be prioritized for funding over those simply attending conferences. All interested students are encouraged to apply for funding; however, because funding is limited, some qualified students may receive only partial funding, or no funding at all.

For approved requests, expenses will be reimbursed after the costs are incurred. Students are reminded of the need to retain receipts for reimbursement. All receipts/expense reports for awarded grants should be submitted to Tina Perdue, Registrar, by June 30 of the academic year the grant was awarded.

Student Application Criteria   [Application Form]

  1. In good standing within the graduate program.
  2. Sponsorship by the graduate program.
  3. Open to all graduate Marietta College students wishing to make a presentation or attend a conference in an academic, professional, or interdisciplinary program or requesting support for out-of-pocket research expenses. The presentation should be identical to what a professional in the particular field would give, and should be based on the student’s own work.
  4. The committee will consider grant applications three times during the academic year. Students should submit an electronic copy of the grant application to the Chair of the Graduate Council by one of the three published deadlines (see below) during the academic year.
  5. A group of students co-presenting, or wishing to travel together to attend the same conference should apply individually; all students with whom you are sharing travel costs should be listed below as indicated and all should submit grant requests for the same deadline. Please make an effort to share expenses (transportation, hotel rooms, etc. as appropriate).

There are three rounds for graduate student grant applications. Each round's deadline is the same as the deadline for faculty development minigrant applications. The specific deadlines can be found on the Faculty Development Committee site.