Core Values

  1. Liberal Arts Foundation
  2. In-Depth Programs of Study
  3. Global Perspective and Diversity
  4. World of Work
  5. Community
  6. Leadership
  7. Service

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Graduate Course Proposals

New Graduate Courses

New courses for Graduate Credit must be approved by the Graduate Council.
Please use the Proposal Form for New or Revised Graduate Courses (doc).

Enhanced Undergraduate Courses

All undergraduate courses taught for graduate credit should follow these criteria as listed in the appendix to the Faculty Constitution:

  • All undergraduate courses that an instructor seeks to enhance on a permanent basis for graduate credit. i.e. inclusion the College Catalogs as both an undergraduate and graduate course, must be presented to the Graduate Council for approval. All submissions shall be in the form of a memo to the Chair of Graduate Council and must be submitted at least one month before presentation to the Curriculum Committee.
  • Where an instructor seeks to enhance an undergraduate course on a one-time basis, the instructor should complete a learning contract (obtainable from Records Office). This contract requires signatures of the student, student's advisor, program director, and either the Registrar or Director of Graduate Programs and Continuing Education.
  • Enhanced undergraduate courses are based on undergraduate courses at either the 300 or 400 level. Graduate credit for such a course assumes the student will complete all the undergraduate work for the course with the following additions:
    1. Quantity increases: graduate students will complete two additional papers/projects of 15 pages or more (equal magnitude for projects) and will read five additional reading assignments at the graduate level beyond the requirements for the undergraduate credit.
    2. Quality increases: the instructor will expect a higher level of reading comprehension from a student receiving graduate credit and significantly higher level of writing ability at the graduate level compared to undergraduate students. This will vary by discipline, however, the instructor will assume the student possesses basic undergraduate skills and be seeking a higher level of competency from students receiving graduate credit.