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Research Award

The research award recognizes a faculty member for a significant scholarly contribution to his or her discipline. Selection of award recipients will be made by the Faculty Development Committee, usually in January, for recognition at the Founders Day ceremony in February.

Criteria for Selection

To be considered for the award, the research product (e.g., book, article, exhibition, performance) will have been produced within the three years prior to the time the award is made.  To be eligible for the February 2013 Research Award, the research product must have been completed between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2012.

Items that match one or more of the criteria listed below would typically indicate a strong likelihood of consideration for the award.

  • Publication of a book or article (external and peer-reviewed)
  • Production of a work commissioned, invited, or funded by an external entity
  • Publication, exhibition, or performance in a juried venue
  • Favorable review in an international or national publication
  • External evidence of widespread use of the product in the discipline (e.g., citations, number of libraries holding the book, etc.)

This list is not exhaustive; very worthy endeavors may fall outside these categories. If the product being recommended for a research award is atypical, the nominee is urged to clearly demonstrate how this work qualifies as significant research within a particular discipline.

Application Procedure

Faculty members can be nominated by any member of the college community, and self-nomination is acceptable. Submit applications electronically to the Faculty Development Committee Chair, Almuth Tschunko ( Office location: BART 366.

The application for a research award must include: 

  • a brief letter of nomination, stating the name of the nominee and specifying the research product for which the applicant is being nominated (note that any product may receive this award only once);

  • a one-page abstract summarizing the research and how it contributes to the discipline;

  • a supporting letter from the department chair or other authority in the discipline who should explain to the committee the significance of the contribution and the nature of the venue of publication or exhibition or performance of the creative product; and

  • a copy of the publication or other tangible evidence of the product (e.g., photographs of an exhibition).  Only one copy is necessary. This will be returned to the applicant after the decision has been made.

It is recommended that the applicant include supplementary supporting material, e.g., reviews of the product, brochures from an exhibit, letters from the commissioning organization.