Core Values

  1. Liberal Arts Foundation
  2. In-Depth Programs of Study
  3. Global Perspective and Diversity
  4. World of Work
  5. Community
  6. Leadership
  7. Service

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Online Giving

Mentor Grants

Mentor Grants provide funds to help faculty members accompany students to conferences or competitions where the faculty member is not usually a direct participant in the conference. Mentor Grants will reimburse the faculty member's travel, conference fees, and hotel expenses within certain limits.

Here's how to do it:

  • If the conference is a professional development experience for the faculty member, instructors are encouraged to seek funding from Faculty Development prior to applying for the Mentor Grant.
  • Complete the Mentor Grant application in which you will provide us with an estimate of the costs.
  • Each application should be accompanied by a short narrative, not to exceed three paragraphs, describing the event.

What kinds of proposals have been funded in the past?

Mentor Grants have funded a wide range of trips--from competitions in Ohio to conferences in Texas.