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Innovative Teaching Awards

Nominations are invited for Innovative Teaching Awards.

Up to three $2,000 awards will be made to faculty members who have implemented innovative teaching techniques.

Selection of award recipients will be made by the Faculty Development Committee, and the recipients will be recognized at the Founders Day Ceremony in February. In order to share ideas with the college community, recipients will be expected to describe their teaching innovation in a Faculty Forum, possibly as a joint presenter with other recipients.

Faculty members can be nominated by any member of the college community, and self-nomination is acceptable. The nomination should be accompanied by a brief (maximum 1 page) description of the strategy or technique used and where appropriate appendices (or URLs) of pedagogical materials. The description should include:


  • when and how long the teaching innovation has been implemented,
  • a description of the teaching innovation,
  • an explanation of how it is an improvement over the earlier strategy,
  • evidence of positive educational outcomes, and
  • any other pertinent information (such as the source of the innovation).

Nominated faculty members are encouraged to write the description themselves. Listing potential teaching activities that qualify for this award may be counterproductive by implying unintended constraints. However, the following general guidelines can be used when determining if the teaching technique is innovative:


  • Would it impress colleagues at a conference as being something innovative?
  • Does it involve new pedagogy or is it something that has been done before?
  • Has the innovation been implemented within the last five years?
  • Did the technique provide an improved (more thought-provoking, more hands-on, more demanding, more-integrative, more successful, etc.) way of presenting subject matter when compared to how it was presented before?


Considering the broad range of activities that potentially will qualify, the selection process will rely upon relatively broad criteria. A higher ranking will be given where the description clearly documents positive outcomes, e.g., how the teaching technique has improved skills, deepened or broadened understanding, honed critical thinking skills, etc., here at Marietta College. The effort and time spent in development of the teaching system and extent of the curricular changes will also be considered. Innovations that have been developed at Marietta College and published for a broader extra-campus audience will be ranked higher than those developed elsewhere and applied here.

All nominees will be notified of decisions before Founders Day. The $2,000 awards can be used as a salary enhancement (taxable) or for purchase of on-campus instructional materials (nontaxable). Should the process necessitate selection of the best among the worthy, nominees not chosen for awards will be encouraged to resubmit. Some innovations may be bolstered for resubmission merely through a longer and better documented track record of success.

Nomination Procedure

Submit an electronic version of the nomination to the committee chair ( If portions of the nomination can not be submitted in an electronic format forward 10 hard copies to Almuth Tschunko, c/o Biology Department (if sent through campus mail) or BART 366 (if hand delivered).

The nomination form should include the date, name and department of nominee, a description of the innovative teaching technique, and the name and department of nominator as well as the signature of the nominator. For self nominations, a signed letter of support from your department chair must also be included.

A separate page contains more detailed information and suggestions on the electronic submission process.