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These are some examples of process and final assignments. Alternatives are acceptable with an adequate rationale:

Writing process assignments might be selected from these examples: impromptu in-class writing to generate topic ideas; a written topic proposal and rationale; literature research requirement; annotated bibliography; requirement to use the Writing Center, development of an approved thesis; draft(s) evaluated by the instructor, Writing Center or peers; focused writing of sections of a lab report or essay; in-class preparation for essay exams.

Final products might be: a long research essay (8 pages or more); or three short essays (2 - 3 pages each); or three expository lab reports.

These are examples of writing proficiency pedagogies that might be incorporated into a Writing proficiency course. Alternatives are acceptable with an adequate rationale:

A) Thesis statement development, a literature research assignment, a draft, and a final 10 page paper.
B) Three 3-page essays, one requiring a draft, one requiring a preliminary development of topic and thesis, and one requiring literature research.
C) Sequentially writing the various sections of an expository lab report, a requiring a draft of one, culminating in a final complete report.
D) Topic development, an annotated bibliography, a draft, and a final 12 page paper.
E) Two informal in-class writing assignments, one two-page essay that must be taken to the Writing Center, a final 5 page paper for which a thesis must be first developed.
F) Other strategies. . .