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Assessment Topics, Tools & Techniques


Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) The FLAG offers broadly applicable, self-contained modular classroom assessment techniques (CATs) and discipline-specific tools for STEM instructors interested in new approaches to evaluating student learning, attitudes and performance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Assessment Methods - from the Morningside College Assessment Handbook, 2006, presents advantages, disadvantages and recommendations for use of a wide range of assessment tools.

Assessment sites of other institutions

Rather than try to maintain an extensive list of hyperlinks, we'll rely on NC State to do so.

NC State resources page

Assessing cocurricular

The Role of Student Affairs in Student Learning Assessment -

Methods of Assessing the Quality of Public Service and Outreach in Institutions of Higher Education

NASPA Assessment, Evaluation and Research Knowledge Community

Critical Thinking and Bloom's Taxonomy

The Critical Thinking Community - A web site sponsored by The Center for Critical Thinking and Moral Critique and the Foundation for Critical Thinking, educational non-profit organizations working to promote change in education and society through the cultivation of critical thinking. You may wish to check out their assessment resources.

Writing Course Objectives

Writing Objectives Using Bloom's Taxonomy - a nice presentation from The University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Mager's Tips on Instructional Objectives - adapted from Mager, R.F. (1984). Preparing instructional objectives. (2nd ed.). Belmont, CA: David S. Lake.


Making Learning Visible and Meaningful Through Electronic Portfolios - an article published in Change, a magazine dealing with contemporary issues in higher learning.

Interpreting results

Analyzing & Interpreting Data - a ppt presentation at the 2005 James Madison University Assessment Institute Summer. A Word doc handout is also available. This is rather technical.

On-line courses

Relevant Assessment Strategies for Online Colleges & Universities - this article in Vol 2, 2002 of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) online journal has useful information for assessment of on-line courses.


The Assessment Coach: Setting Up a Competency Assessment System - an excellent guide by Chalk and Wire illustrating how to go from educational goals and standards to assessible outcomes and critieria.

Validity and Reliability

Chalk and Wire Valididity White Paper - a thorough discussion of issues that influence the validity of assessment results.

Do College Student Surveys Have Any Validity? - a rather grim view of the validity of national surveys, such as NSSE.

How Effective are the NSSE Benchmarks in Predicting Important Educational Outcomes? - a more positive view of the validity of NSSE results.

Understanding Reliability in Higher Education Student Learning Outcomes Assessment - Julie Furst-Bowe. 2011. Quality Approaches in Higher Education Vol 2(2)