Core Values

  1. Liberal Arts Foundation
  2. In-Depth Programs of Study
  3. Global Perspective and Diversity
  4. World of Work
  5. Community
  6. Leadership
  7. Service

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Assessment Resources

Marietta College is committed to the assessment of student learning outcomes to assure student learning. Moreover, the College supports the belief that assessment does lead to improved teaching and learning.

The College assesses both the majors and general education curriculum. Academic program assessment reports are regularly submitted to and critiqued by the Assessment Committee

Each instructor delivering a section of a general education course at the College is charged with assessing at least one of the cognate-area student learning outcomes as set forth in the 21st Century Curriculum. These data are collected and compiled by the Academic Division Coordinators and the Assessment Committee. In addition, standardized testing is used to supplement the course-level assessment. Results are shared with the campus community.


Assessment "how-to" Guides - Our own guides to creating rubrics, writing outcomes and using different assessment tools

Assessment Reports - Reports of Marietta College Assessment

Committee Members

Kevin Pate, chair
Sara Alway-Rosenstock
Nathan Anderson
Kimberly George
Ryan May
Cathy Mowrer
Joseph Sullivan
Greg Delemeester, ex officio