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Marietta Alumni Admission Program (MAAP) Volunteer

When you agree to represent Marietta College as a MAAP volunteer, you will join more than 200 members of the Marietta Alumni Admission Program. Alums have been assisting the organized effort of recruitment of students for over 15 years.

Barbara Crecco '60 began the program and its success became the hallmark standard for other colleges over the years. MAAP has proven to be a strong recruitment arm of the Admission office! MAAP makes it possible for Marietta College to reach prospective students who, otherwise, would never know the benefits that our beautiful college offers.

As a MAAP volunteer you are asked to commit up to 10 hours of your time per year. You will be asked to represent Marietta College at local college day/night programs.

Most volunteers will be asked to attend only one or two of these programs in a recruitment year. You may be of help by contacting local high schools in your area about upcoming programs and ask that Marietta College be included in these programs.

Other possible recruitment efforts might include:

  • Identifying prospective students in your area.( relatives, neighbors and friends)
  • Making congratulatory phone calls to admitted students.
  • Participate, as a host, at regional receptions as a MAAP ambassador, you will have an opportunity to share with prospective students your experiences at Marietta College.

Currently, we are seeking MAAP volunteers in the Erie, PA, western Maryland and eastern West Virginia area. If you think that you might want to help recruit students and have fun at the same time, give us a call and we will give you further details.

Call Linda Rhoads, 740-376-3706 or 1-800-331-7896. The MAAP office is open from: 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to take your call.