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New Initiative:
Marietta College Regional Associations

Regional Association Postcard

Do you want to explore new opportunities to engage with classmates, friends and Marietta College?

An exciting initiative from your Marietta College Alumni Association can help make this possible!

How, you ask? The answer is through a regional association.  This innovative program will strengthen connections, cultivate a spirit of loyalty and extend the reach of the College by multiplying and amplifying your relationship with your alma mater. Regional associations are a wonderful way to connect or reconnect as well as foster relations with Marietta College, fellow alumni, family and friends in your area.

The Marietta College Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations are currently working to establish regional associations around the country where significant populations of Pioneers are located.  

Cincinnati and Columbus are two regions that will be launching their own new associations during the summer of 2012. If you are interested and live in either of these areas, please be on the lookout for regional association information in your mailbox and e-mail  in-box later this spring. Postcards and e-messages will share such information as how to get involved, how to take a short and simple e-survey asking you what you want out of the program and the impact your completion of the survey will have on   the planning process for a successful Regional Association in your area.

The Marietta College Alumni Association is excited to launch regional associations where Pioneers want to get involved!

Be an early bird! Contact the Office of Alumni Relations and join fellow Pioneers to establish a group in your area.

If you have questions or would like to get involved please contact:

Sarah Kelly, Assistant Director of Regional Associations and Young Alumni Programming or call 1-800-274-4704.

We Need Your Help…Fill Out a Regional Association Survey Today!

Marietta College is in the process of developing a Regional Association program, connecting members of the Marietta College community to their alma mater regardless of their distance from campus. While the Association program will be based around four core components; connections, image enhancement, career and life networking and development, each Association will have the opportunity to grow and develop its own unique identity based on its region. For this, we would like your help…

The survey below is to gather feedback on the types of programs in which you would be most interested in participating. We appreciate your input and hope to see you at an Association event in the future.

Please take 5 minutes to take this 7 question survey that will help us and the volunteers create a Regional Association that will fit you and your area!

Interested in learning more about Regional Associations?

Are you interested in starting or being part of a Regional Association? The Regional Association Handbook will serve as the principal resource for each Regional Association and its lead committee. Read the Regional Association Handbook to get a sense of our new program!

Are you already involved? Are you a volunteer? Do you need to fill out your Event Evaluation Form or your Grant Application? Do you have questions about your volunteer position? Find all these materials and more in the following documents!


Questions? Need more information? Please contact Sarah Kelly, Assistant Director of Regional Associations and Young Alumni Programming or call 1-800-274-4704.