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Marietta College Alumni Awards

February 2011

Each year the Marietta College Alumni Association gathers at the Homecoming Alumni Banquet to honor recipients of the following awards:

Hall of Honor

The MCAA Hall of Honor celebrates the most outstanding accomplishments of Marietta College alumni. Members exemplify extraordinary characteristics that reflect the very best of the Marietta experience by:

  • accomplishments in their profession,
  • service to the College,
  • service to their community and/or
  • contribution to humanity.

College Board of Trustees

Alumni trustees representing the interests and concerns of the Marietta College Alumni Association to the College Board of Trustees are elected from the full MCAA membership for a term of five (5) years and may stand for re-election to the MCAA Board for two (2) consecutive terms following the completion of their terms as Alumni Trustee. Nominate

Matt Parker '03 and Nicole Braddock Bromley '02

Nicole Braddock Bromley '02 and Matt Parker '03, and winners of 2011 Outstanding Young Alumna and 2011 Outstanding Young Alumnus respectively.

Distinguished Alumnus/a Award, presented to an alumnus/a who has achieved significant accomplishments, made outstanding contributions in his or her field, or has distinguished himself or herself through service to the community, state, or nation. Nominate

Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award, presented to alumnus/a who has graduated 15 years ago or less, who has made significant accomplishments in business or professional life and/or who has rendered outstanding service to the College or the MCAA. Nominate

Honorary Alumnus/a Award, presented to an individual who is not an alumnus/a, but has given specific and meritorious service on behalf of the quality and advancement of the College and the MCAA. Nominate

MCAA Service Award, presented to anyone considered deserving of recognition for service to Marietta College. Nominate

Career Center Service Award, given to any alumnus/a who has significantly contributed to the success of the Career Center. Nominate

Marietta Alumni Admission Program, presented to an alumnus who assists the college in the recruitment of prospective students at local college fairs. Nominate