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The Marietta Effect

Amanda Stacy

Amanda J. Stacy ’07

Major: Psychology

Minor: Business Management and Environmental Studies

Additional Education: Master of Arts in Psychology, Marietta College (2008); Juris Doctor; Ohio Northern University, Claude W. Pettit College of Law (2011)

Current Job: Associate Attorney at Barrett, Easterday, Cunningham & Eselgroth LLP; Adjunct Professor at Ohio Northern University

Hometown: Marietta, Ohio

Clubs/Organizations: President – Pre-Law Society; Treasurer – Psychology Club and Psi Chi (Psychology Honor Society); Vice-President – Pre-Law Society

Current Clubs/Organizations: Ohio State Bar Association, Federal Bar Association (Columbus Chapter) American Bar Association, American Agricultural Law Association, Ohio Agricultural Council, the Agricultural Law Committee of the Ohio State Bar Association, Ohio Farm Bureau, and the Columbus Young Professionals, Ohio Produce Growers and Marketers Association (OPGMA)

Athletics: Track & Field

Favorite Professor: I know I cannot choose just one professor. In the Psychology Department our professors were more like our family — Dr. Mark Sibicky, Dr. Ryan May and Dr. Mary Barnes, and sadly Dr. Jennifer McCabe is now a professor at Goucher College. I’m sure the new professors in that department are just as great!

When did you know Marietta College was the right school for you?

Growing up in Marietta, I always knew that Marietta College was a great school, but I always assumed I wanted to leave my hometown to go to school. Once I started looking at other schools, I quickly realized that nothing compared to this great College that was practically in my back yard.

Favorite Marietta moment?

Is it really possible to choose just one moment to be my favorite from four years at Marietta College? I was fortunate enough in 2007 to take the J-Term psychology class “Cruising with Good and Evil,” which led to being a teaching assistant in 2008 for the same class. You cannot beat a week of class on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Describe what life was like during your time at Marietta College.

To put it simply, my life at Marietta College was great. My peers became more like family to me, and several years later, many of them are still like family to me. My professors cared about me and wanted me to succeed; I was not just a number to them. Anytime I was having a bad day, someone was there to pick me right back up. And one of the many wonderful parts about a campus like Marietta College is that there is always someone you know close by to laugh with, to lend you a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, to encourage you to succeed, or to be there for any other reason you may need. I am not convinced that I could have had a similar experience anywhere else.

What impact did Marietta College have on your career?

Marietta College had a huge impact on my career. I am an attorney and speak to clients, opposing counsel, court officials and numerous other people on a daily basis. The small class sizes and involved professors built my confidence and took me out of my comfort zone enough with all the group projects, interactions with my peers and professors, and presentations in front of classes, and even once presenting to the Board of Trustees, to positively impact my career. Even before beginning my career, Marietta College helped me manage and survive law school and passing the bar exam in order to begin my career. Although I did not take any Leadership classes at Marietta College, I still feel like my experiences have enabled me to be a leader.

What does it mean to be a Pioneer?

Being a Pioneer and part of The Long Blue Line means that you are part of a family and a tradition. It never fails that anytime I am traveling outside of Ohio and I have anything on that says Marietta College, I will hear comments like “My cousin went there,” “My friend went there,” “That’s a really good school,” “I wish I would have gone there,” “Don’t they have a good baseball team?” The alumni of Marietta College know how great Marietta College is, but it is always flattering to hear people who are not alumni comment on its excellence.