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The Marietta Effect

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith '07

Major: Political Science

Minor: Advertising & Public Relations

Additional Education: Masters in Political Science (University of Florida, 2009) and Juris Doctorate (Capital University, 2012)

Current Job: Public Defender for the State of West Virginia’s 10th Judicial Court

Hometown: Meadow Bridge, W.Va.

Clubs/Organizations: Model UN

Favorite Professor: Dr. Dan Monek

Education Abroad: My advisor the late Dr. Jackie DeLaat and all of the Political Science Department

When did you know Marietta College was the right school for you?

I knew Marietta was right for me at Freshman Matriculation and Orientation. I felt welcomed and supported by the College community and met friends during those days that remained over my four years at Marietta.

Favorite Marietta moment?

Midnight Breakfasts and Senior Week

Describe what life was like during your time at Marietta College.

Life at Marietta was busy, challenging, but most importantly inspiring. I was never lacking for reading, writing or assigned projects, but I had the best professors I could imagine. They pushed me to my very best and were truly invested in my success. Being at a small school also meant I had friends in every class and around every corner. There was always someone to meet for dinner, catch a movie with, or study for finals with.

What impact did Marietta College have on your career?

Marietta prepared me for my graduate education and career by teaching me how to research and write at an advanced level along with providing academic challenges that forced me to develop disciplined study habits. My professors at Marietta treated me with such respect that I was never afraid to ask a question or challenge an idea inside or outside of class. As a result I have been extremely comfortable approaching others and continuing to learn throughout my career.

What does it mean to be a Pioneer?

Being a Pioneer means I had a strong foundation for my future education and career. I know what it means to work hard but to feel a part of a community and want it to thrive. I know that I will have a lifetime of support, from attending alumni events, returning to campus for Homecoming, and keeping in contact with friends and professors.