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The Marietta Effect

Britanny Saunier

Britanny Saunier '09

Major: Political Science

Minor: Psychology

Additional Education: Masters in Public Administration, American University School of Public Affairs

Current Job: Project and Development Associate (Partnership for Food Safety Education)

Hometown: Delaware, Ohio

Athletics: Women’s Tennis

Favorite Professor: Mike Tager

Education Abroad: One semester in London, UK

When did you know Marietta College was the right school for you?

I visited Marietta College my senior year of high school. It wasn’t at the top of my list until after I visited. I fell in love with the charm of the school and was impressed by the rigor of Marietta’s academic programs. I knew immediately I had to get in.

Favorite Marietta moment?

It is hard to pinpoint one favorite memory because there are so many! I loved being a Resident Assistant and chatting with people and my friends on the regular. There were many conversations and silly antics!

Describe what life was like during your time at Marietta College.

Hectic but fun! I was consumed with classes, tennis, work, friends and extracurricular activities. Even though I was constantly busy, it was so much fun and I rarely wanted to go home.

What impact did Marietta College have on your career?

Marietta College has had a significant impact on my career. My current job requires me to build relationships and to think strategically and critically. Marietta College showed me how to build relationships with people by encouraging group projects and activities, as well as instilled an instinct for critical and strategic thinking through its rigorous academic programs. Marietta College demanded a high-performance level of its students and for that I am thankful.

What does it mean to be a Pioneer?

A Pio is a kind and sincere person with the ability to critically think and have positive impacts. It means the world to be a Pioneer. I wouldn’t have it any other way.