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The Marietta Effect

Brittany Metcalf

Brittany Metcalf '13

Major: English

Minor: Spanish

Certificate: Energy System Studies

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Clubs/Organizations: Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Athletics: Women’s Basketball

Favorite Professor: Dr. Carolyn Hares-Stryker

When did you know Marietta College was the right school for you?

From an education standpoint, Marietta was the perfect school for me. I came from a small high school, which graduated 75 kids. I came to the College with no idea as to what I wanted to study. The Liberal Arts foundation allowed me to explore many options. Once I decided on an English degree, I was not just limited to the English curriculum. I took different economics, accounting, energy, calculus, and physics classes, to more or less keep the doors open for me. I would say 90 percent of all of my professors had a solid relationship with me, more so than just a student-teacher relationship. I felt comfortable with them, they pushed me, but also, they were there if I needed them. I was very far away from home and a few times over my four years at MC, “life happened” and my professors were more than willing to work with me, but also provide me support in difficult situations.

When I first got to Marietta, I was not sure about the small town life. I grew up in Houston, and big city life is all I knew. After spending four years in Marietta, I realized just how special of a community the town has. I always saw a familiar face wherever I went. I live in Denver now, and I miss the small-town life.

Favorite Marietta moment?

  1. The first day I moved in. Most of the girls I met that first day, are people I am still close with today. Everyone knew I was from Texas, welcomed me with open arms, and gave me the nickname “Tex,” which I will never live down.
  2. Beating Mount Union my sophomore year. We were unranked, but they were No. 20 in the nation. We played the game of our lives.
  3. My sophomore and junior years, any men’s basketball game. Getting there 1.5 hours early just to get a seat. The gym was packed and was just an amazing sports atmosphere.

Describe what life was like during your time at Marietta College.

I was a basketball player, so my days were pretty regimented. I always carried a heavy course load. I spent all day in class and most of my evenings in the gym at practice. That was my life August-March. The dorms were always connected, an open door policy. People were popping in and out of my room. I know I often found myself dropping by many people’s rooms on the regular. I would say in my four years, MC was great with the idea of “work hard, play hard.” I was surrounded by some of the nicest people. Marietta was my second home as I went home once a year for Christmas.

Another great thing I had was my teammates, definitely, that established a sense of family. However, more importantly was my Foster Family, the Ketelsens that were assigned to me through the Foster Family Program. They were such a blessing. Mr. and Mrs. Ketelsen were my second parents, and their two girls are like the sisters I never had. That was exactly what I needed being away from home.

What impact did Marietta College have on your career?

I will give credit to Marietta College in providing me with a Liberal Arts foundation. I was an English major, now working in sales, selling software for Oracle, one of the largest tech companie in the world. Oracle saw my potential, and I think Marietta deserves some of the credit. The fact I played basketball also is what made people believe in me at Oracle. They knew I was competitive and dedicated. Lastly, I would say the overall Ohio bond. I interviewed with a guy who was from central Ohio who went to Miami of Ohio, and I remember sitting in the interview just talking about southeastern Ohio.

What does it mean to be a Pioneer?

  • Community
  • Character
  • Determined
  • Compassionate
  • At Marietta I learned what it was like to have a community, 1,400 other students and faculty behind me, supporting me, wanting me to succeed. There is a sense of pride in attending Marietta. You know as a Pio that the four years you spent on the campus were special. I worked very hard throughout my time there, I learned a lot about myself, about others, and was driven to succeed. Lastly, a sense of legacy, too. My parents went to MC, my uncle, and now my brother!