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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Minor in Chemistry

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Dr. Kevin Pate

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Marietta's Chemistry program produces graduates who are ready for top graduate and professional programs and for careers in the chemical industry. Two things make this possible -- the strength of our faculty and the lab experience you get as a student. At Marietta, you're taught by professors -- not graduate students. These men and women are leaders in their fields, and they're dedicated to teaching and to helping you succeed. Plus, beginning with your first lab course, you'll have access to all the research tools the department has to offer. In fact, you'll get so much lab experience that by your junior and senior years, you'll be conducting your own research projects.


The brand new Rickey Science Center contains the latest equipment and software available for both your course work and your own research, including FT-NMR, FT-IR, AA, and UV-visible spectrometers; GC-MS, gas, and liquid chromatographs; computer-based molecular modeling software; and the laser laboratory.

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Marietta College's Department of Chemistry offers a major that is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS). A non-ACS-certified major in chemistry is also available.

As a chemistry major, you'll gain a solid understanding of the field of chemistry through courses like:

  • Calculus I and II
  • General Physics I and II
  • General Chemistry I and II
  • General Chemistry Laboratory I and II
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Organic Chemistry I and II
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory I and II
  • Physical Chemistry I and II
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis
  • Senior Capstone Course: Directed Research and/or Independent Study

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General (Chemistry 131-134), inorganic (Chemistry 351), organic (Chemistry 303, 305), quantitative analysis (Chemistry 231), plus 3 hours of Chemistry electives excluding Chemistry 101 and 377.

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Suzanne Parsons

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Starting as a junior, you'll work with a faculty mentor who will guide you through at least one year of independent laboratory research. Along with delivering periodic research talks to the chemistry faculty and other research students, you'll present your findings to faculty and students from all of the science departments.


With so many chemical companies in the region, our majors have plenty of opportunities to work in the field through internships and summer jobs, many of which become full-time positions. Students work for companies like Chevron, DuPont, GE Plastics, and Hoffmann-LaRoche.

Clubs & Organizations

The Chemistry Department sponsors Marietta's chapter of the American Chemical Society -- Student Affiliates. The club brings guest speakers to campus to talk with chemistry majors about career development; organizes field trips to local chemical companies; and performs service projects such as tutoring, magic shows, and fundraisers.

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Sarah shaner '04

Lindsey Romick-Rosendale ’07