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Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies
Minor in Asian Studies

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Asian Studies

The Asian Studies Program is one of Marietta College's niche programs. Currently, the Program offers a major and a minor. Administratively, the Asian Studies Program is housed in the Department of Modern Languages and uses resources of several departments at the college.

The Asian Studies Program offers a curriculum with a focus on China within its Asian and global contexts, preparing students to live and work in an interconnected world in which Asia is central. Starting with grounding in language and history, students will explore the roots of Asian literature, arts, and religions. Courses in the social sciences and business, focusing on contemporary politics and economics, will develop an understanding of contemporary Asia in a global perspective and help students transition into the world of work.

The coursework of the Asian Studies major organizes courses in four core disciplines: 1) Chinese language (Mandarin), 2) Asian art, 3) Asian history, and 4) Asian literature and culture. The major also includes elective courses in International Business and International Leadership Studies.

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  • Twenty hours in Chinese language (Mandarin) with a minimum of 9 hours taken at the college to include Chinese 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, and 302
  • Six hours in Asian lit¬erature and culture selected from Asian 361, 362,Chinese 130, 370, and 371 (Chinese 371 cross-listed as Mass Media 385)
  • Six hours in Asian History selected from history 260, 270, 359, and 360; 6 hours in Asian Art selected from Art History 251, 252, 372, 373, and 374
  • Three options for 6 elective hours : 1) selected from any courses not used above, 2) selected from Leadership 112, 225 (cross-listed as Management 225), International Marketing 388, and World Music 232, or 3) independent studies on special topics at the 300-level or higher. Majors are required to fulfill the capstone experience of directed research (Asian 491) and spend at least one semester in an approved study-abroad program in a country or region in Asia. The major requires a minimum of 18 credits at the 300-level or higher
  • Senior capstone course: The capstone of the major serves as an overview of the area of Asian Studies, with the focus on approaches and methodologies employed in the field. A major component of this course is a research project in which students will put together a sizeable study on a specific topic of interest to them, in close consultation with the instructor.

In addition to choosing from a wealth of courses on Asian subjects, students have several opportunities to put their coursework into practice. Marietta College has strategic relationships with institutions of higher learning in Asia and strong connections with China, allowing students to study abroad in an Asian country, and to conduct research and internship in China. The Asian Studies major requires one semester of approved study abroad. Students can use credits taken from abroad to satisfy major requirements (equivalents or substitutions).

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Twenty-one to twenty-three hours including 12 hours in Asian History 359 and 360, and Asian Literature 361 and 362, 6 to 8 hours in Chinese language courses (Chinese 130 included), and at least 3 elective hours chosen from the courses of Chinese 130, 370, 371; History 260, 270; Art History 251, 252, 372, 373, 374; or Chinese language courses not used above.

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