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Sports Management

The Business of Sports

Sports Management provides students the opportunity to explore sports as a business and possible career. The resources of three departments combine to offer two perspectives on this major economic force and shaper of society. Mass Media, Economics Management and Accounting, and Health and Physical Education provide a core of common courses and then tracks in "Sports Administration" and "Sports Information."

Career opportunities for suitably qualified graduates range from community groups, through all grades in a school system, into colleges and universities, and then ultimately reach professional sports.

Recreation is now a serious business and requires management. Likewise, the increasing interest in "wellness" is providing career and entrepreneurial opportunities for qualified students.

Requirements for a Minor
Management/Physical Education 330, 332, 334, plus one course chosen from Physical Education 325, 328, 497;

plus, for the administration track, Economics 211, Accounting 201, plus two courses chosen from Management 301, 345, 381, Economics 340;

plus, for the information track, Mass Media 101, 207, 320, plus one course chosen from Mass Media 230, Physical Education 336.

Students must choose between the administration and information tracks.
In offering this minor, the department participates with the Departments of Communication and Media Studies and of Health and Physical Education.