Average Class Sizes: 12 students

Full-time Faculty: 103 faculty members, approximately 92 percent of whom hold a Ph.D. or terminal degree in their field.

Student-Faculty Ratio: 10:1

Majors Offered: 44 Undergraduate Majors, 2 Masters Programs

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Welcome to Academics at Marietta College

Students at Marietta College build on a strong liberal arts foundation, which is one of the core values of the College. The foundation begins with a required First Year Experience (FYE) course, available in many disciplines and each limited to 18 participants. Many FYE courses are linked in learning communities with courses in communication or writing. The teachers in these courses serve as students' first academic advisers. General education requirements further ensure a broad exposure to knowledge and hone the basic skills of analysis and problem solving.

Connecting a broad liberal arts background to the world of work is another core value at Marietta. From traditional liberal arts majors such as English and History, to unique professional programs, including Petroleum Engineering and Athletic Training, each major is carefully designed to prepare students for life after college. Many students participate in an internship experience or practicum in their field; some engage in research with faculty. All undertake a senior capstone course or project, culminating their major and propelling them into life beyond college. The Career Center helps students find a match between their undergraduate experiences and an appropriate career path.

We value internationalization and leadership, requiring classes in those areas as part of general education. Increasingly, our students expect to travel or study abroad by the time they graduate. Lessons about leadership also extend beyond the classroom into community service or participation in campus organizations and athletics.

The academic programs are supported by the Academic Resource Center where students can find tutoring and help with study skills and time management, by the Writing Center, and by the library where electronic sources and extensive databases complement traditional printed materials. Special services are also provided to our many international students who are making the transition to a new culture.

Undergraduate Programs

At Marietta, most classes have fewer than 20 students. Professors are recognized leaders in their fields who bring creativity and experience to their teaching. Technology is a given. Research is collaborative.

What does all this mean for you? A degree that doesn't stand still -- it will lead you places!

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Graduate Studies

Obtaining an advanced degree can push your career to impressive heights. Choose from our four exceptional Master's Degree programs

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