Honor Societies

Honor societies provide students with an opportunity to pursue scholarship and service in the College community.

As minimum requirements and induction ceremonies differ with each organization, please contact the faculty advisor or group contact for additional information.

Alpha Delta Sigma (Advertising)

Alpha Delta Sigma (ADS), a national honor society sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement in advertising studies.

The organization dates back to 1913 when the fraternity was founded at the University of Missouri. In 1969, ADS merged with Gamma Alpha Chi, a similar organization for women. Later, in 1973, ADS merged with the American Advertising Federation. ADS is the only national, professional advertising honorary society in American higher education. Each year hundreds of students from AAF college chapters are nominated and inducted into Alpha Delta Sigma.

To be eligible a nominee must

  • be a dues-paying member of an AAF college chapter, have achieved senior status on or before the nomination due date and have completed at least two senior- or junior-level advertising courses, and
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.25 (on a 4.0 scale) in all advertising studies and all other courses.

Graduate students must also be members of an AAF chapter and have completed at least two-thirds of their graduate-level coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.6 (on a 4.0 scale).

For more information contact the chapter advisor, Prof. Lori Smith at


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Alpha Delta Sigma

Alpha Lambda Delta (Freshmen)

Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honorary for first-year students, installed its chapter at Marietta College on March 28, 1989. First year students who have achieved a 3.5 GPA or better and are in the top twenty percent of their class after two semesters are eligible for membership.

Alpha Lambda Delta encourages superior scholastic achievement among college students, continued academic excellence beyond the first year, and collegiality among honors students.

Faculty Advisor
Cavendish McKay

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Alpha Psi Omega (Drama)

Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic fraternity, installed its Eta Alpha chapter at Marietta in 1937. Students who have shown special aptitude, participation, and interest in all forms of dramatic work are eligible for membership.

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Alpha Sigma Lambda (Nontraditional)

Alpha Sigma Lambda is a national honor society for nontraditional students.

To be eligible, a non-traditional student must complete at least 30 hours at Marietta College, 15 of which must be outside the major, be ranked in the highest 10 percent of his or her class in scholarship and have a minimum GPA of 3.2.

The Zeta Gamma chapter of Marietta College was established in 1988.

Ms. Cathy Brown,
Director Graduate & Continuing Studies
(740) 376-4740;

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Beta Beta Beta (Biology)

Beta Beta Beta, national biological society, was founded in 1922. The Iota chapter, the sixth oldest of more than 250 active chapters, was installed at Marietta in 1926.

Students selected for membership must meet the scholastic standards and have completed the amount of work in biology established by the society. Tri-Beta promotes sound scholarship, dissemination of scientific truth, and research.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Steven Spilatro
McCoy Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

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Kappa Alpha Omicron(Environmental Science)

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Eric Fitch
Chair of the Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Associate Professor, Director of Environmental Science program

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Kappa Delta Pi (Education)

Kappa Delta Pi, an international honorary in Education, installed 12 members of the new Psi Zeta chapter at Marietta College in 1997. Since then the chapter has grown to over 50 members, both undergraduate and graduate, all of whom exhibit the ideals of scholarship, high personal standards, and promise in teaching and allied professions.

Invitation requires a student of at least sophomore standing:

  • to have a 3.33 GPA,
  • to have been admitted into the Education Program through the Education Department, and
  • to be committed to the education profession.
As an organization, Kappa Delta Pi recognizes scholarship and excellence in education, enhances the continuous growth and leadership of its diverse members, fosters inquiry and reflection on significant educational issues, and maintains a high degree of professional fellowship.

Each chapter of KDP is involved in community service projects as well as activities that promote literacy, learning, and research.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Mary Beth Peebles

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Kappa Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)

Kappa Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics society, installed its Ohio Epsilon chapter at Marietta in 1960.

Completion of Mathematics 225 and registration in a 300-level course, with a 3.0 average in all mathematics courses completed, and a 2.75 cumulative average are required for membership.

The chapter generates interest in mathematics by co-sponsoring visiting speakers and offers free tutoring to mathematics students who need help at introductory levels.

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Kappa Pi (Art)

Kappa Pi, the international Art honorary was established in 2004.

Requirements for membership are:

  • twelve credit hours in art history, graphic design, or studio art;
  • a 3.0 GPA in all art classes; and
  • an overall 3.0 GPA
Faculty Advisor
Professor Jolene Powell

Lambda Pi Eta (Communication)

Lambda Pi Eta is the official communication studies honorary of the National Communication Association. Founded in 1985, Lambda Pi Eta became part of the National Communication Association (NCA) in 1988 and developed into the NCA's official honor society in 1995.

The honorary's goals include recognizing, fostering and rewarding outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies and promoting professional development among communication majors.

To be eligible for membership, a student must have completed at least 60 semester hours, of which 12 must be in communication studies, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, have a communication studies GPA of 3.25, and be in the upper 35% of one's graduating class.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Liane Gray-Starner
Associate Professor, Communication and Media Studies

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Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics)

Omicron Delta Epsilon is the International Honor Society in Economics. Its objectives are to:

  • Confer distinction for high scholastic achievement in economics.
  • Stimulate and promote student interest in all aspects of economics.
  • Publish an official journal to be entitled The American Economist.
  • Sponsor the Fisher-Taussig Award Competition.
The Marietta College Chapter was established in 1972.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the Society is open to all those eligible without regard to sex, race, color, creed, or national origin. Undergraduate membership shall consist of those who are making the study of economics one of their major interests and who are attending an institution where a chapter is located.

The minimum qualifications for undergraduate membership are:

  • Junior standing or higher. Student must be in residence at least one semester.
  • Twelve semester hours of economics with an average grade of at least a B.
  • A general average of at least a B and a class standing in the upper one-third.
New members at Marietta College are inducted every Spring semester.

Applications for admission can be obtained through Dr. Greg Delemeester (room 118, Thomas Hall) or the Business & Economics Department secretary.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Greg Delemeester
Professor of Economics

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Omicron Delta Kappa (Leadership)

Omicron Delta Kappa is the National Leadership Honorary that recognizes and encourages superior scholarship, leadership, and character.

Students are honored for their achievement in scholarship, athletics, campus and community service, social and religious activities, campus government, journalism, speech, mass media, and the creative and performing arts.

Members must be in the upper 35 percent in scholarship of the College and must show leadership in the above areas. Members are usually selected twice a year after the completion of an extensive questionnaire that is used for the consideration of new members. To be considered for membership into Omicron Delta Kappa, please contact ODK's Faculty Advisor.

Download the Membership Qualification Questionnaire (PDF)

Faculty Advisor
Professor Debbie Lazorik
Associate Professor of Business & Economics

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Order of Omega (Greek)

The Order of Omega recognizes those students who have attained a high standard of leadership in inner-Greek activities, encourages them to continue along this line, and inspires others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment.

Members are junior and senior students with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 who have demonstrated leadership in campus, Greek life, and civic activities.

Tara Kurilchick
Interim Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life

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Phi Alpha Theta (History)

Phi Alpha Theta, national history honor society, installed its Gamma Mu chapter at Marietta College in 1950.

The fraternity promotes the study of history and provides recognition for students who have distinguished themselves in this field.

Membership requires a 3.0 overall GPA with 12 hours in history with at least a 3.1 GPA.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. James H. O'Donnell

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Phi Beta Kappa (Academics)

Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. It is the oldest national academic honor society in the United States. The Gamma of Ohio chapter at Marietta College was established in 1860; it was the third chapter in Ohio and the 16th in the nation.

To be considered for election to membership, a student must be of good character and must have achieved a scholastic record of outstanding excellence in a broad program of studies,a significant part of which must lie within the area known as the liberal arts and sciences. Normally, students are elected during the spring semester of their senior year. In addition, the highest ranking eligible member of the junior class may be elected during the spring semester.

Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is conferred as the result of an election by the local chapter. There is no list of precisely specified requirements which, if met, will result in automatic election to Phi Beta Kappa. The chapter does have certain minimum criteria for consideration for election which are given below.

To aid in evaluating breadth of education, the Marietta chapter of Phi Beta Kappa groups academic areas, departments, and courses in the liberal arts and sciences into three broad categories. These categories, or groups, are similar to, but not identical with those used in the College Catalog to specify the General Education distribution requirements for graduation from Marietta College.

Group A: communication, art, English, literature, linguistics, modern languages, music, theatre arts.
Group B: economics, political science, psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, religion.
Group C: astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, mathematics, physics.

The criteria for consideration for election to Phi Beta Kappa are as follows:

  1. The student must take at least 60 hours of work in residence at Marietta College.
  2. The student must achieve a grade point average sufficient for graduation with honors (3.5 or better) and must graduate in the upper tenth of the class.
  3. Because election to Phi Beta Kappa emphasizes breadth and depth of scholarship, the student's record must display evidence of both.
The student must display breadth of education by completing, in addition to English 101 and Communication 101, at least fifteen credit hours of course work in each of groups A and B and fourteen credit hours in group C. Courses from at least three departments or areas in each group must be included, and not more than six credit hours (or eight in the case of laboratory courses) from a single department may be counted. Advanced courses in areas outside the student's major group are encouraged. No course for which the grade is below C may be counted. Mathematics 113, Art 245 and Music 303 are also not counted.

Courses that are not included among the offerings of the departments listed in groups A, B, and C, such as Leadership, Honors and Gender Studies courses also may be eligible for consideration by the chapter under the intent of criterion 3. Any such course will be evaluated individually.

The chapter will determine whether the course qualifies as liberal arts or sciences and, if so, the appropriate group in which to place it. The chapter reserves the right to elect students who do not quite meet every aspect of criterion 3, but whose records clearly display evidence of breadth and depth consistent with the intent of the criterion. Students desiring additional information should contact one of the officers of the Marietta College chapter.

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Phi Sigma Iota (Foreign Languages and Literature)

Phi Sigma Iota is an honor society whose members are elected from among outstanding advanced undergraduate and graduate students of foreign languages and literature, including Classics, Comparative Literature, Philology, Bilingual Education, and Applied Linguistics, as well as faculties of the institutions honored with a chapter.

Phi Sigma Iota honors undergraduate students with at least a B average in their entire college work, as well as in all courses in languages and graduate students with at least a B+ average.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Janie Rees-Miller

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Pi Epsilon Tau (Petroleum Engineering)

Pi Epsilon Tau, a national honor society for students in petroleum engineering, installed its Zeta chapter at Marietta in 1951.

The society's purpose is to foster a closer bond among its members and the petroleum industry, and to maintain the high ideals and standards of the profession.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Robert Chase

Pi Kappa Delta (Forensics)

Pi Kappa Delta is the oldest national collegiate forensic honorary consisting of educators, students and alumni committed to encouraging the education of articulate citizens through a three part focus:

  • the commitment to and promotion of ethical, humane and inclusive communication and educational practices;
  • the commitment to and promotion of professional development of forensics educators; and
  • the commitment to and promotion of comprehensive forensics programming.
Marietta's chapter, Ohio Zeta, was established in 1926.

Students who have participated in intercollegiate debate and individual speech events are eligible for membership.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Mabry O'Donnell
McCoy Professor of Communication

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Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)

Pi Sigma Alpha is the national honor society in political science. Marietta's Psi Nu chapter was established in 2000. The organization promotes the study of politics and provides recognition for junior and senior students who have distinguished themselves in this field.

Membership requires a 3.0 overall GPA with 12 hours in political science with at least a 3.1 GPA.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Michael Tager

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Psi Chi (Psychology)

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, with the goal of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology. The Marietta College chapter of Psi Chi was founded in 1981.

To be selected for membership, a student must have declared a Psychology major or minor, have at least a 3.0 GPA, be ranked in the top 35 percent of his or her class, and have completed 12 semester hours in psychology.

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Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish)

Sigma Delta Pi is the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society whose members are elected from among outstanding advanced students of Spanish.

Members must have a 3.0 overall GPA, a 3.3 GPA in Spanish, must have completed or be enrolled in a 300 level Spanish class, declared a major or minor in Spanish, and have completed at least 9 credit hours of Spanish.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Richard Danford

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Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics)

Sigma Pi Sigma honors outstanding scholarship in physics, encourages interest in physics, promotes an attitude of service, and provides a fellowship of persons who have excelled in physics.

Members must be a physics major or minor with at least a 3.25 overall GPA and a 3.00 GPA in 16 credit hours of physics courses.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Dennis Kuhl

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Sigma Tau Delta (English)

Sigma Tau Delta confers distinction for high achievement in English language and literature, to promote local interest in literature and the English language on campus, and to foster the discipline of English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Nicole Livengood
Assistant Professor of English

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The Society for Collegiate Journalists (Mass Communications)

The Society for Collegiate Journalists is a national honorary society for collegiate mass communications.

It is a non-profit organization operating on campuses of fully recognized and accredited colleges, universities, and institutions awarding degrees upon completion of a four-year program.

Initiation requires a student to have been active in journalism or broadcasting for one full year at the institution, do it well, and have good grades.

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Tau Pi Phi (Business & Economics)

Tau Pi Phi, honors outstanding students in majors in the Business & Economics department. Requirements are 15 hours in courses taught in the Business & Economics department with a 3.2 GPA, plus a 3.2 overall GPA.

Initiation ceremonies are generally held once each semester. Students who meet the above criteria should contact the Business & Economics Department secretary in the Department Office (Thomas 122) early in the semester to be considered for initiation to Tau Pi Phi.

One of the highlights of Tau Pi Phi membership is the opportunity to collaborate with other Marietta College Tau Pi Phi members on one of two teams invited to participate in the annual national Tau Pi Phi case study competition.

Faculty Advisor
Professor Jeremy Wang