College Theme

Each year, Marietta chooses a College Theme. As part of the theme, we offer unique courses, bring in national and international experts, and organize special activities such as films and museum exhibitions. The College Theme gives the entire Marietta community the opportunity to work together to learn about a complex and significant topic. Students put each year's theme into practice through student organizations, community involvement, class projects, internships, and senior capstones.

The College Theme started in 2010.


Global Perspectives

Internationalization: Global Perspectives

In light of Marietta College's tradition of global connection, it should come as no surprise when the College chose Internationalization: Global Perspectives as its 2013-14 College Theme. One need only glance at Marietta's 7 Core Values to see why the choice makes so much sense.

Core Value No. 3 states: MARIETTA COLLEGE prepares students to thrive in a diverse society and in a world where social interaction, work, and exchange occur across geographical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. They learn that economic growth, political stability, human adaptation, and sustainability all rely upon cooperative efforts among the nations and peoples of the world.

The campus will be celebrating and recognizing the global market we all live in today. Marietta College's reach globally has been felt for many decades, including a three-decade history with China. The College has also placed an emphasis on students getting the chance to study abroad during their time on campus.

During the academic year, the College will host speakers and special events that highlight the theme of Internationalization: Global Perspectives.

2013-14 Theme coordinators: Christy Burke (Education Abroad) and Tom Perry (College Relations)

2013-14 Theme committee: Amy Arnold (Education Abroad), Ben Ebenhack (Petroleum Engineering), Debbie McNutt (Information Technology), Marilee Morrow (Media Studies), and Jacyln Schwieterman (Athletic Training).

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Social Justice

Leadership & Social Justice

While the College boasts one of the nation's top leadership programs, Marietta's administration wants to bring some of the attributes and philosophies taught in the McDonough Leadership Program to the entire campus.

The focus is on providing students with opportunities to engage with and learn from community members so students can better understand the complexity of the social justice issues in their communities. In addition, social justice programming challenges students to learn about the root causes of poverty while they are connecting to service opportunities within the community. Critical thinking about social justice issues allow for students to have a more meaningful community-based service experiences.

Some of the programming scheduled is Hunger and Homelessness Week and a Social Justice Film Series.

During the academic year, the College will host speakers and special events that highlight the theme of Internationalization: Global Perspectives.

2012-13 Theme coordinator: Tom Perry (College Relations)

2012-13 Theme committee: Jeanne Arbuckle (Athletics), Ellen Campbell (Student Life), Arielle Jennings (Civic Engagement), Daniel Monek (Music) and Sarah Snow (student)

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Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

Energy is a dominant global force that encourages economic growth and has the ability to exacerbate environmental degradation. We live in a world where the prevailing political, economic and social systems have been developed around providing cheap, abundant energy.

Marietta College has the unique opportunity of looking at the current issues and obstacles facing the changing face of fossil fuels through its Petroleum Engineering program, while also being in the backyard of one of the largest growth areas in the world for natural gas exploration.

This issue should challenge the Marietta College community to discuss, listen and research the options that exist and what the future may hold for the energy and environment.

2011-12 Theme coordinator: Tom Perry (College Relations)

2011-12 Theme committee: Dave Brown (Biology), Tim Catalano (English), Ben Ebenhack (Petroleum Engineering), Jackie Khorassani (Economics), Beth McNally (Grants), Daniel Monek (Music), Ben Thomas (Petroleum Engineering), Jacob Tidwell (Student Life) and Will Vance (student)

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Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

In the spring of 2010, Marietta College announced it would recognize Health & Wellness as a College Theme for the 2010-11 academic year. With a growing Physician Assistant Program and a clear need for more dialogue on the health-care debate that is raging around the U.S., topic on campus and in the community, the College has decided to take the lead in bringing speakers to campus and to conduct a forum.

2010-11 Theme coordinator: Rita Smith-Kipp (Provost)

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