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Recent Messages from the President

The Generous Spirit

The dedications of the Legacy Library and the Anderson Hancock Planetarium inspire pride and gratitude in all who love Marietta College. These two beautiful facilities add distinctiveness to the look of the College while retaining the architectural integrity that makes Marietta’s campus a jewel among small colleges. I am grateful to all whose vision guided the planning of these projects and whose generosity made them possible. Your commitment to Marietta College challenges those of us who work with today’s students to instill in them the philanthropic habit of mind and spirit that motivates you.

The Legacy Library and the Anderson Hancock Planetarium, named for inspirational faculty members, remind us that the strength of Marietta College lies not in its buildings, important as they are, but in the learning that takes place inside them. We have dramatically improved the environments in which our students learn, have tangibly reaffirmed our commitment to students’ intellectual development, and have reminded ourselves and future generations of students of the importance of the intergenerational ties that connect students, faculty members and alumni. In substance and in symbol, the two newest buildings on our campus represent the best of the liberal arts tradition.

From its position in the center of the campus, the Legacy Library makes a dramatic statement about the centrality of the life of the mind at Marietta College. It provides students access to a wide variety of educational resources and learning styles. Those of us who cherish the printed word and love the feel of books can take pleasure in the fact that, through the use of compact shelving, we have space now for a print collection that is twice its current size.

In the Rickey Information Commons, in small group study rooms, in high-tech classrooms, and in the Worthington Center for Teaching Excellence, we have provided students links to a world of knowledge through technology. In the Jack E. and Betty O. Prince Forum, the Chlapaty Café and comfortable study areas scattered throughout the building, we have given students places to meet, socialize and share ideas. Because we know that learning must be both a solitary endeavor and a social experience, we designed the Legacy Library to be both a place of quiet contemplation and a space for the vigorous exchange of ideas.

The Anderson Hancock Planetarium enables Marietta College to offer a minor in astronomy, one of the original liberal arts. Its shows encourage students, schoolchildren and community members to dream and imagine—to look beyond the narrow confines of our environment, contemplate the vastness of the universe, and reflect on our own place in the cosmos. The power of the experience lies in the questions it raises for educated and aspiring minds—questions answered by disciplines as broad as knowledge itself: science, poetry, religion, and philosophy, to mention a few.

The donors who have given Marietta College two stunning new buildings have given much more than that. Their generosity has opened new doors of opportunity for serious research, social interaction, outreach to the community, and contemplation of the fundamental questions that help define what it means to be human. That is the power of liberal arts education at Marietta College.

From Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College
Spring 2009 Issue

Current challenges serve as an opportunity for success

I write this message during the holiday season, knowing you will read it early in the New Year. As 2008 turns into 2009, serious economic challenges affect our global society, our personal lives, and of course, Marietta College. For most of us who do not remember the Great Depression, it is sobering to be told that this is the most severe financial crisis our country has faced since then. Before we allow the holiday glow to fade, however, I would like to assure you that Marietta College remains strong and to share with you some of the reasons that I approach my work for Marietta College with continued optimism.

First, as a college community, we have much to be thankful for. Our faculty and students carry on the work of teaching and learning with diligence and distinction. Students turned in sophisticated research after their summer of investigative studies projects with faculty members, the men’s soccer team reached the championship game in the OAC tournament, the choir and band delighted us with their fall and holiday concerts, and the theater students presented polished and thought provoking performances. Professor Bill Bauer of the Education Department was named our newest McCoy Faculty member.

Second, alumni and friends of the College remain supportive both personally and financially. I am very proud to say that in these difficult times, you have recognized that Marietta College students deserve your support, and you have responded at record levels to our requests for the Marietta Fund. You are making it possible for students to study abroad, for the College to recruit and retain a talented faculty and staff, and for the normal operations of Marietta College to proceed. Bolstered by your generosity, we are continuing the Legacy Campaign with an emphasis on raising endowment to ensure the strength of the College both today and tomorrow. I am gratified by the receptivity of our donors and friends as we continue to talk with them about the campaign.

Finally, Vision 2020 spoke to our commitment to educate problem solvers for the 21st century. As we work together to manage the current challenges with prudent management and faith in the future, we are modeling for our students here and now what it means to respond to change not as an obstacle but as an opportunity. I cannot thank you enough for your support yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

From Trailblazer
Winter 2009 Issue