Degree Programs offered by Marietta College

Associate of Arts (available only to Continuing Education students)
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering
Master of Arts in Psychology
Master of  Corporate Media
Master of Science in Physcian Assistant Studies

Educational and Training Programs

Certificate in Leaders in Action
Certificate in Leadership Studies
Certificate in Teacher Leadership
Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy

Although the requirements for a certificate vary, all certificates require the student to:
  1. complete a minimum of 12 hours;
  2. take at least half of the required hours and no fewer than 12 hours at Marietta College; and
  3. earn a minimum grade point average of 2.00 for courses completed as part of the Certificate.
Some certificates may require standards above the minimum.

Certificate in Leadership Studies (CLS)

Requirements for the CLS are successful participation in EXCELWorkshop; Leadership 101, 103, 140, 201, 203, 240; one three-hour leadership-designated course; plus 50 hours of approved community service.

Teacher Leadership Certificate (TLC)

Requirements for the TLC are successful participation in EXCEL Workshop; Leadership 101, 103, 140, 210; Education 110, 253; plus 25 hours of approved community service to be completed through Leadership 101 and 103.

Leaders-in-Action (LIA) Certificate

All Marietta College students, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or greater and demonstrated ability to succeed in the McDonough Leadership Program, are eligible to participate. LIA participants develop leadership skills through the following academic and extracurricular activities:
  1. Leadership 221, which offers participants an opportunity to sharpen their planning and decision-making skills in preparation for the development of their community service project.
  2. A leadership elective course of the student's choice.
  3. Skill practice through the implementation and evaluation of a community service project either on or off campus.
  4. Creation of a manual/guide with support materials that will allow anyone to continue the project. The guide is kept on file and available to future interested students.

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Requirements for the certificate are 18 hours, comprising 12 hours distributed as follows: one course in language analysis (either English 380 or Linguistics 320); one course in language teaching pedagogy (Linguistics 321); one course in language in the social context (either Linguistics 231 or Linguistics 232); one course in second language acquisition (Linguistics 341). In addition, a student must complete 6 credit hours in one foreign language at Marietta College.

Note: The Marietta College Certificate in TEFL is designed for students who wish to teach abroad. It doesnot satisfy state requirements for endorsement of a teaching license in public schools in Ohio.

Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy

Students completing a bachelor of arts degree in music or music education, a bachelor of fine arts degree in musical theatre, or a minor in music may elect to complete the certificate which requires 14 hours in music: MUSC 121, 122; MUED 225, 325, and 425; 6 hours of applied vocal study (excluding preparatory study - MUSC 150); and one semester of applied teaching through the music department. For complete details of these requirements the students should refer to the Marietta College Music Handbook available from the Music Office, Hermann Fine Arts Building.