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Response to "Post Your Marietta Memories"

We asked alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and anyone else to post their memories of Marietta College. Here are some of the responses we received. Keep checking this page for updates throughout the 2009-2010 Academic year as we continue to celebrate Marietta College's 175th Anniversary.

Welcome Beach Boys

The arrival of the Beach Boys onto a campus field in a hot air balloon for a Doo-Dah-Day concert!!

— Ron Burke
     Class of 1977

Thanks Marietta

I'll never forget that August morning I left my home in Philadelphia to start my freshman year at Marietta. At the time I would never admit it but I was scared to death. College wasn't an instant love affair with me, I thought about transferring everyday my freshman year. I missed home, had no idea what I wanted to do with my future and didn't know if small town American was the place for me. I still don't know when or what changed my mind but staying at Marietta was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The ups and downs I went through during those four years at Marietta made me a stronger person than I could have ever imagined. Marietta gave me more than just a great education but it gave me an identity that can never be taken from me and for that I say, "Thank you."

— Sean Callahan
     Class of 2007

Simply the Best

The city of Marietta and Marietta College are simply the best small town/college in America. I did not want to leave in 1961 and I always enjoy going back to Marietta, Ohio. I also liked the noisy brick streets in town and on campus.

— Ronald D. Sharkey
     Class of 1961

Serenades and sororities

The idea of being able to see and speak with your professors each day was wonderful. The serenades the sororities would give at Homecoming, Derby Day, steak night at Gilman, Fraternity and Sorority formals in the Spring, being an Alpha Gam and living next to the Delta Upsilons. Taking the ATOs mascot Sam and having them serenade us to get him back. The wonderful friendships I made at Marietta College and still have. Four of the greatest years of my life and a great education.

— Sheryl Vaneff Weber
     Class of 1974

Take notice, Marietta

Where do I begin? Let’s start with the very first week, as President and Janie Wilson roll a giant TV screen onto their lawn, serve food, and order up the Tyson-McNeely fight on Pay-Per-View because they know students can’t watch in the dorms. Skip forward to cookouts at the homes of Dean Schwartz, Dr. Born, and Drs. Delemeester and Khorassani. Take a little trip across the Muskingum for Thursday nights at the Harmar Tavern with the EMA professors. Serve on a committee where Doc Hartel holds court. Listen during McDonough Orientation Week and Commencement as the “Steves” Schwartz and Blume read “Oh, the Places You Will Go!” Take the field and watch coaches Epley and Schaly inspiring young men to greatness with tough love. The classmates, courses, clubs, Gilman, Town House, and suites all shaped my extraordinary experience at Marietta. However, the above-and-beyond, sincere efforts put forth by the faculty and coaches of the late ’90s were the real source of my education. And, they continue to give, staying in touch a decade later. It’s in their names that I continue to serve the College as an active alumnus. I challenge today’s faculty and administrators to take note.

— Andrea Nay
     Class of 1999

Defining my Life

It was my junior year, late '60s. I declared a history major.

My courses, selected by me, changed my life! They taught me how to see and analyze emerging social currents, how they mesh, collide, and make change. Overlapping time phases of U.S. history, Economic History, American Lit, American Journalism, French history, some Political Science… all at once. I learned to see our society and others as an evolution in strong beliefs and values. I learned to look for "why" we act, not that we acted as each course looked differently at the time periods.

This way of analytical thinking became "me". What and why is something happening? How does change happen? How does a society think? —all used by me to understand economic and social issues, foreign affairs, my business, sales, and see the probable results of an action being taken. This analytical thinking has helped me in business as a sales and marketing person, in political action efforts, in how I trained others to grow their businesses on reality not wishful thinking basis.

"People do things for their reasons not mine," became my mantra. Seeing those reasons and working with them is why I have been successful in business and as a person.

— Neil Licht
    Class of 1967

Forever Grateful

Myself along with fellow rowers were on campus practicing during spring break. "Spring break" may not serve as an accurate term as the heaviest snowstorm of the year came upon us on this mid-March day. Most weather conditions did not stop Coach Stephanik from having us row on the Muskingum, however these did. We resorted to a rope run where we all held on to the same rope and ran three or so miles as the snow fell fast. Part of the challenge was to keep the pace as fast as we could without anyone letting go. This meant us slower runners had to run as fast as we could and the faster folks had to tolerate us! I recall Coach at the midway point of the run explaining how craziness can pay dividends, using Lincoln's crossing of the Delaware as an analogy. Not only did the best rowing season of my three years with the team follow, but such sacrifices had a tremendous impact on my life and for that I am forever grateful.

— Joshua Casey
    Class of 1993

Flood of 2004

Staying on campus during the week the flood hit Marietta and the campus was hands down my best memory of my time at Marietta College. The flood itself was devastating, but sticking around to spend eight hours a day cleaning and working for the community with a bunch of my closest friends resulted in some of my fondest memories. We worked hard and played hard that week, and I believe it was that natural disaster that brought us all a bit closer that year. It seemed to me that “Flood Week” brought out the best in the Marietta College community, and I felt blessed to be a part of it.

— Craig Sundstrom
    Class of 2007

Watching concrete dry

My favorite moment at Marietta College would have to be when I stayed up all night to watch the concrete pour for the new Legacy Library. I was with my two really good friends, Tyler Okel and Claire Reintgen. We kept a journal of every hour that passed and never had more fun staying up late on campus then that night. We even made a little campsite next to Erwin Hall to help us stay awake. It is amazing how friendship can make an activity such as watching concrete pour very enjoyable. Truly a moment I will never forget.

— Luke Haumesser
    Class of 2009

Best choice for me

I enjoyed the entire four years I spent at Marietta College. I was blessed to have been a part of the Marietta College Varsity Softball team under Coach Jeanne Arbuckle and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I also lived with seven other amazing girls who hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget them and what they mean to me. Marietta was the best choice that I could have made for my future.

— Casey Lamp
    Class of 2004