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Looking Forward-Writing Back

Selections of poetry and prose from the on-campus event sponsored by the English Department and the Writing Center, funded through a mini-grant from the College’s 175th Anniversary organizing committee.

Marietta Oral History Project

Anecdotes and Recollections from Marietta College alumni, straight from the Pioneers' mouths!
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Memorable sports moments of the past 175 years

From the forward pass to winning championships, Marietta has a proud and distinguished athletic history…

Famous Visitors of the past 175 Years

Here are some of the high profile visitors to step foot on Marietta College’s campus over the past 175 years. If we had to pick just one, all-time highlight visitor to Marietta College it would probably have to be…

Memorable moments of the past 175 years

If we had to pick the single most important moment in the life of Marietta College, it would have to be the events that took place on Feb. 14, 1835…

Memorable people of Marietta College

Samuel Hall emerged from the freezing waters of the Muskingum River in the winter of 1836 a hometown hero of the anti-slavery moment…

The Symbolic Marietta

Sitting atop Erwin Hall like a crest on a bird, the great clock tower has become a symbol for Marietta College since the building's construction in 1850. Though none are as old or as timeless as Erwin's tower, there have been many unofficial diplomats of Marietta College throughout the past 175 years…


Our beginnings were humble. One building, five faculty and a handful of students. The first faculty of the College consisted of five men—four who were associated with the institution before the charter. The fifth was the Rev. Joel Harvey Linsley, who was also Marietta’s first president…

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