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Marietta College Strategic Plan

The overarching goal of the Strategic Plan for Marietta College is to secure the College’s financial stability by increasing its enrollment of full-time students to at least 1250 within five years. ( See appendix A for the Charge to the Strategic Planning Committee.) That goal has been the driving force behind the work of the Strategic Planning Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees in fall 1999. The Plan now being presented to the Board of Trustees accomplishes the goal of 1250 and envisions a day just beyond the five-year scope of the plan when full-time enrollment will stand at 1300.



Concerned by ongoing budget deficits and a flat enrollment pattern, the Board of Trustees in fall 1999 called for a strategic planning effort that would point the way to financial stability through enrollment growth. The Board gave to the Committee a mandate for change—to envision a new Marietta College that would be attractive to students in the early twenty-first century and would be financially stable within an agreed-upon set of guidelines, including balanced budgets and an endowment drawdown not to exceed 5.5%. The Board made it clear that it would consider investments beyond that 5.5% if it could be demonstrated that those investments would result in enrollment growth and would, therefore, pay for themselves over a period of years. This Plan is the response of the Strategic Planning Committee to the Board’s mandate.

The Committee appointed by the Board consisted of the Faculty Council, the elected leaders of the faculty; the President’s Cabinet, the senior administrative staff; and the President and Vice President of the Student Senate, the elected leaders of the student body. Because the work of the Committee extended over part of two academic years and a change of administrations at the College, there has been some change in the composition of the Committee. (See Appendix B for a complete list of the members of the Strategic Planning Committee.) While this Plan is the responsibility of the Committee that has met in academic year 2000-2001, it is a reflection of the creativity and hard work of all who have served on the Committee.

Early in its tenure, the Committee held open meetings with the campus community and worked with faculty, staff and students to define and reaffirm the core values of the College. (See Appendix C for a complete timeline of Committee activities.) We expect to build on those values, which were endorsed by a vote of the faculty on December 4, 2000, as we change the College to position it to grow over the next few years. Many of the recommendations of the Committee were designed to see that the College actualizes those core values through its academic and administrative programs. The Committee conducted extensive review of academic and administrative programs, decided on resource allocations, announced its preliminary recommendations, reviewed the feedback from all constituencies and finalized its decisions in December 2000. It recommended to the Curriculum Committee, which has the authority to approve the discontinuation of majors and minors, that it consider the elimination of some academic programs in the light of the reallocation decisions. This plan reflects the decisions of both the Strategic Planning Committee and the Curriculum Committee.



The Strategic Plan will produce a changed Marietta College, one that is more focused and distinctive, and more able to compete in the higher education marketplace of the twenty-first century. The assumption of this plan, and of the committee that produced it, is that without changing the educational program we offer students, the infrastructure of the college, and the way we do business, we cannot expect a different Marietta to emerge. We are committed to change now, and as an ongoing feature of this College. As we began our deliberations, we considered the advice of The Strategic Futures Group, which is as follows...

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