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Welcome to the Marietta College History Project

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A cooperative initiative of the Marietta College Alumni Association and the Legacy Library’s Special Collections and Archives, The Marietta College History Project is designed to supplement and enhance the record of the institution from its charter in 1835 to the present day.

We invite all Pioneers to contribute to this timely and ongoing effort!

Over the course of the 175th anniversary celebration, academic year 2009-2010, we will actively be reaching out to you, members of The Long Blue Line of graduates, to assist in this worthwhile enterprise.

Perhaps you have an anecdote or recollection that you would like to share with us. We’d look forward to hearing it and invite you to send it along via e-mail to so that we can capture your story and preserve it in our archives. Whenever possible, please include information for fact-checking purposes, such as contact names and numbers, and publication citations. Please download and complete the biography and information form and Deed of Gift form and attach it to your submission so that we can document your submission in an appropriate fashion.

And, with your permission, we will share your stories with other alumni via this web site during our 175th anniversary (though we do reserve the right to edit for space considerations).

Maybe you have discovered a wonderful snapshot or photograph from your time on campus or possibly from your parents or grandparents time at Marietta. Perhaps it’s time for it to find a good and permanent home in the archives of the College so that others might enjoy it as well and for years to come. We’d look forward to hearing from you and don’t forget to identify who is in the picture, the location and the time of its being taken.

Or, the next time you’re on campus or attending a regional event, perhaps you’d like to sit down with us and share your recollections as a part of our oral history component of the project.

Whatever your particular contribution to the project, we’d look forward to hearing from you.

If you think you have something to add, but are just not certain you want to part with it or whether it’s appropriate to contribute, please feel free to contact us at and we would be happy to visit with you.

Please take into consideration that we are not in a position to return items that you may care to share with our archives and special collections. We are requesting that individuals fill out a Deed of Gift form (included in pdf) and please include it with your contribution whether it is a photograph, e-mail submission or any other type of item.

Help contribute to the strength of The Long Blue Line in a unique and enduring way as we celebrate Marietta College’s 175th anniversary.